April 10, 2014

My Style: Free Spirit

Today's Look: is festival chic, inspired by one of my style icons Vanessa Hudgens, and fun for the hot summer days approaching.  To get this look, I started with the tribal jacquard cage-back crop top in black, beige, and taupe and denim cut-offs.  I just had to add a floral headband, cut-out ankle boots, and a crocheted vest.  Adding the perfect finishing touches, I accessorized with infinity earrings, a studded leather bracelet and belt, and tarnished metal rings.  To get an idea of what bloggers go through, I have a story for you, my loyal readers.  For this shoot in particular, I knew I wanted lush green trees, mother earth vibes, and of course, beautiful lighting.  My photographer and I set out searching for a great spot.  We had to hike through a field, down a steep slope, and through (not past but through) numerous shrubs to get to this location--I saw the logs from the highway and thought it would be an awesome setting.  Although the area looked stunning in the pictures, during the photo shoot I felt like I was under attack; I had to ward off ants, bees, rodents (at least I think I heard a few scurry away in the bushes), and scratchy branches.  Luckily, we survived the wilderness and got some great pictures which made it worth the work.  When I got a chance to look at the photos that night, there was a spot on the back of my top in one of the photos.  I zoomed in and it was a ginormous bee just hanging out, chilling on my back!  I'm very allergic to bees and very thankful I wasn't aware of its presence and that it didn't sting me.  Goodness...the things we bloggers go through for that perfect shot.  Anyway, that's my dramatic story. haha  Hope you're all having a wonderful week.  Xoxo, Shelly

Outfit Details:  Top courtesy of Charlotte Russe ❤, Earrings courtesy of  VanessaReneeStyle.com (at Phoenix Fashion Week) ❤, Lipstick courtesy of N°7 (at Phoenix Fashion Week) , Shorts from Forever 21, Crochet Vest and Bracelet from Earthbound Trading Company, Boots and Belt from Target, Headband from American Eagle, Stacked Ring from World Market, Band Ring from Aéropostale, Nails by Impress Nails.

Fashion Tip:  Even if you're not going to Coachella this year, it's still fun to dress up and be there in spirit.

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