August 31, 2013

Style Crush Saturday: Lily Collins

Style Crush:  Lily Collins
Known For:  Acting, Modeling
Style:  Vintage, Feminine, Classy

This week's Style Crush is the angelic Lily Collins.  Lily is an English-American actress best known for her role as Snow White in Mirror Mirror,  a movie with a modern twist on the old classic.  Although she was born in the U.K., Lily moved to Los Angeles when she was just five years old after her father, famous musician Phil Collins, and mother, Beverley Hills Women's Club President Jill Tavelman, split.  As a child, Lily performed at the Youth Academy for Dramatic Arts, but at the time, dreamed of becoming a journalist.  Pursuing her interest in journalism, Lily wrote a column for the British magazine Elle Girl and has also been published in Seventeen, LA Times Magazine, and Teen Vogue.  After graduating high school, Lily attended University of Southern California, majoring in broadcast journalism.  Through making appearances on the Nickelodeon show the Nick News with Linda Ellerbee: Kids Pick the President for journalism purposes, Lily found her way back to acting.  Since then, Lily has gone on to act in huge block busters like The Blind Side, Abduction, and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones and win the 2008 Young Hollywood Award: One to Watch.

Lily Collins may be best known for being an actress, but she has also made a name for herself in the fashion world.  From long ballgowns with sequins galore to skinny jeans and a tattered sweater, Lily always rocks a cutting-edge outfit with grace and beauty.  Although her style is always evolving and keeps getting even better, her trademark today is still her thick, defined eyebrows.  Some have even gone as far as to compare Lily's appearance with that of the late Audrey Hepburn, who was also famous for her dark brows.  After being born in the U.K., but raised in the U.S.A., Lily's style influence comes from both continents.  Never dull, never sloppy, Lily Collins is not only a movie star, but she's also a total fashionista.  

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August 29, 2013

My Style: Roar

Today's Look:  is all about the fierce, embellished tiger shirt and gold, statement necklace.  First, I chose the busy, tiger top and simple, black skirt.  Next, I wanted to amp up the outfit even more, so I chose the geometric, gold-chain necklace, along with my black, high-heeled ankle boots.  I loved how the necklace complimented the top and how the boots added height to the look.  Finishing the outfit, I chose gold, square earrings, two rings, infinity bracelet, and my black-with-gold-flourishes Betsey bag.

Outfit Details:  Top from Rain Forest Cafe (Anaheim, California),  Skirt from Maurice's (Prescott, Arizona), Purse from, Shoes from Charlotte Russe (Tucson, Arizona), Rings from Avon, Necklace c/o Charlotte Russe ❤.  

Fashion Tip:  Gold necklaces can contrast well even against a patterned shirt.  Think about adding gold more as a fashion accessory.  Don't underestimate the power of gold.  

Below, I included a collage featuring gold statement necklaces from Charlotte Russe.  

Necklace and photo links found here.

  Rihanna                                   Miley Cyrus                         Lily Collins

August 27, 2013

My Style: Blue Jaguar

Today's Look:  is all about the blue, faceted beads linked with large, metallic rings, resembling a gold chain necklace.   Normally, I don't base the outfit around the jewelry or even try to make the jewelry the focal point, so today's post is unique.   To start the look off, I chose to style my statement necklace with an outfit that would compliment it, while remaining casual.  First, I chose my similar-in-color, blue jaguar print top.  The top's color compliments the necklace's color, while also accenting the necklace's chain with its gold studs sewn around the arm sections.  Next, I chose faded-gray skinny jeans.  Since the top portion of the outfit is blue, I wanted something other than regular blue denim.  Finishing off the look, I wore gold, braided sandals, gold square earrings, an infinity bracelet, an animal print headband, and a black/gold accented purse.

Outfit Details:  Top by Blu Pepper at Foot Fetish (Prescott, Arizona), Pants from Express (Scottsdale, Arizona), Shoes from Delia's (Tucson, Arizona), Purse by Betsey Johnson at, Bracelet at Dillard's (Prescott, Arizona), Rings from Avon, Necklace c/o Charlotte Russe .

Fashion Tip:  When wearing a colorful statement necklace, matching one of the colors that's in the necklace along with a blouse of the same hue really makes a beautiful, noticeable ensemble.

Below, I included a collection of bold, bright necklaces and their links.

Necklaces and artwork found here.  

Sofia Vergara                        Nina Dobrev                          Jessica Stam

August 26, 2013

Red Carpet Fashion: MTV VMAs 2013

On Sunday, August 25, 2013, the annual MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) were held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.  Hollywood's finest were in attendance and dressed to the max, each trying to outdo the next.  

             Naya Rivera                       Ellie Goulding                 Willow & Jaden Smith

Taylor Swift                         Miley Cyrus                      Ariana Grande

Crystal Reed                            Katy Perry                         Selena Gomez

Holland Roden                              Ciara                            Lady Gaga

Will Smith                       Justin Timberlake                    Daft Punk

Niall Horan      Louis Tomlinson      Liam Payne      Zayne Malik       Harry Styles

August 24, 2013

Style Crush Saturday: Chloe Moretz

Style Crush:  Chloe Moretz
Known For:  Acting
Style:  Sophisticated, Chic, Feminine

This week's Style Crush is the glamorous Chloe Moretz.  Chloe Moretz is an American actress that is best known for her role as Hit-Girl in the movies Kick-Ass, based off of Mark Millar's popular graphic series.  At 6 years old, Chloe was inspired to become an actress by her older brother Trevor, who was studying at the Professional Performing Arts High School in New York and would often practice lines with Chloe.  After moving from New York to LA, it didn't take long for Chloe to get her first acting job on the show The Guardian for the role of Violet in two episodes.  Just one year later, Chloe was in her first blockbuster, a remake of an old classic, The Amityville Horror.  Since then, Chloe has gone on to star in dozens of movies, including, Let Me In, Dark Shadows, Kick-Ass, Kick-Ass 2, and Carrie, guest star on multiple hit shows, such as My Name Is Earl, Desperate Housewives, and 30 Rock, and win over 11 major awards.

Besides showing interest in acting at a young age, Chloe also had a passion for fashion.  Even though she is only 16 years old, she always has created a distinctive style on and off the red carpet, earning her respect in the fashion world.  For her fashion eye and classy taste, Chloe has gained attention of top magazines and fashion empires.  Chloe has been featured  in and on the covers of magazines, including Flaunt, Vogue, Teen Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Interview, InStyle, and many others.  She's also been known to be a valued guest to many fashion shows for top designers.  Chloe has even earned the spot of being the face of Aeropostale and an ambassador position in the company.   Whether she's looking glamorous on-screen or chic on the street, Chloe shoes remarkable talent and style. 

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August 22, 2013

My Style: Cut-Out Ankle Boots

Today's Look:  is all about the black, short overalls and cut-out, ankle boots.  To start the look off, I first chose my Guess denim overalls.  Since the overalls are high-waisted, I chose to wear a crop-top underneath.  I wanted the shirt to add excitement and sass to the outfit, but also wanted the shirt to match the black denim;  I chose my leopard print crop-top.  Since overalls are sometimes considered kiddish, I chose my buckle-embellished, black leather, and cut-out ankle boots to add some edge to the ensemble.  Finishing off the look, I chose my Coach side-sling purse, sparkly, silver bracelet, three rings, and skull, crystal earrings.

Outfit Details:  Overalls by Guess at, Top from Forever 21 (Tucson, Arizona), Purse by Coach at Dillard's (Prescott, Arizona), Boots by Steven Madden at, Earrings by Wet Seal at Blink (Anaheim, California), Rings from Aeropostale (Tucson, Arizona), Bracelet from Charming Charlie's (Tucson, Arizona.)

Fashion Tip:  Overalls are back!  When wearing long overalls, roll up the ends to add a boyfriend-pants vibe;  when wearing short overalls, make sure to pick the undershirt carefully.  The undershirt and accessories chosen to accompany the overalls can make or break the outfit. 

Love ankle boots?  Below, I included a collage with an assortment of cut-out ankle boots.  

Cut-out ankle boots links found here

    Miley Cyrus                          Nicole Richie                       Mary-Kate Olsen

August 21, 2013

My Style: Aztec Cut-Out Dress

Today's Look:  is all about the light purple, Aztec-inspired dress.  The dress is covered in an intricate design and includes cut-outs on the back.  To start the look off, I chose to compliment the black detailing on the dress by wearing my black, studded creeper shoes and backpack.  Next, to continue adding edge to a sweet, summer dress, I chose to accessorize with my black, spiked headband and bracelet, along with skull earrings..  Finishing off the look,  I chose to finish with a dash of charm by adding a heart pendant necklace, three rings, and a silver, bedazzled watch.

Outfit Details:  Dress courtesy of Charlotte Russe  ❤,  Shoes by Wild Diva at, Backpack by Pink at Victoria's Secret (Prescott, Arizona), Headband from Claire's (Tucson, Arizona),  Necklace from Forever 21 (Scottsdale, Arizona), Watch from Charming Charlie's (Tucson, Arizona), Rings from Aeropostale (Tucson, Arizona), Earrings by Wet Seal at Blink (Anaheim, California).

Fashion Tip:  When wearing an Aztec-inspired dress, rather than wearing other patterns within the outfit and causing congestion, accessorize the outfit with solid colors that accentuate the dress.

Below, I included a selection of Aztec-inspired dresses and accessories.

Dress and accessory links found here.

August 19, 2013

My Style: Skulls & Stripes

Today's Look:  is all about the sparkly, graphic crop-top and pastel-striped skirt from Charlotte Russe.  To start the look off, I first chose the light pink, skull top.  I love how the top has such a sweet, feminine color that contrasts with the edginess of the skull.  Next, I chose the pastel-colored skater skirt.  The skirt is embellished with buttons down the front and a woven belt.  Since the belt comes with the skirt, I chose to wear my brown, high-heeled sandals to match.  Continuing with the boho accessories to contrast with my preppy skirt and pink top, I chose to wear my crocheted, side-sling purse.  Finishing off the outfit, I wore a studded bracelet, bow earrings, and two rings.

Outfit Details:  Top, Belt, & Skirt courtesy of Charlotte Russe , Shoes by Xhilaration at Target (Prescott, Arizona), Purse and Bracelet from American Eagle (Tucson, Arizona), Earrings from Forever 21 (Scottsdale, Arizona), Rings from Aeropostale (Scottsdale, Arizona).

Fashion Tip:  When wearing a striped skirt, try to have the top match one or two of the colors of the skirt.  If the skirt is black and white, try to wear a different color top or different stripes or prints to add variety to the outfit.

Below, I included a collage of striped skirts and their links. 

Striped skirts and photo links found here.

Miley Cyrus               Pippa Middleton            Jessica Alba               Heidi Klum