April 30, 2013

My Style: Moccasins and Stripes

Today's Look:  is all about being casual and comfortable.  I haven't worn moccasins in years, but today I decided to wear my newest pair.  To go along with the casual and comfy theme, I chose to wear a pair of simple, light-blue jeans and an over-sized lace shirt.  The shirt has peach stripes, so I wore peach colored bow earrings to match.  Since the moccasins have dark brown on them, the dark brown necklace fit well with the outfit. 

Outfit Details:  Shirt by Forever 21, Jeans by American Eagle, Moccasins by BDG. at Urban Outfitters, Purse by Steve Madden, Necklace & Earrings by Forever 21.  

Fashion Tip:  When shopping for moccasins, try to find moccasins that aren't shortened in the front   I like the original, regular length moccasins.  Not only do they look better on, original moccasins are also warmer.  

April 29, 2013

My Style: Black with Brown

Today's Look:  is all about breaking the "don't wear black with brown" rule.  To start the outfit off, I picked out my '60s inspired crochet, black mini dress.  Since the dress is pretty short and I wanted to wear boots, black opaque tights were appropriate.  I wore my leather OTBT Petaluma boots in New Brown and matched them with my suede fringed purse.  Finishing off the look, I added one of my favorite tarnished gold necklaces. 

Outfit Details:  Dress by Divided at H&M (Scottsdale, Arizona), Tights by Merona at Target (Prescott, Arizona),  Boots by OTBT at zappos.com, Purse by Steve Madden at nordstrom.com, Necklace at PacSun (Prescott, Arizona.)

Fashion Tip:  When wearing black with brown, wear a lighter brown to make the browns and blacks stand out without fighting.  

April 27, 2013

Style Crush Saturday: Katy Perry

Style Crush: Katy Perry
Known For:  Singing, Songwriting, Acting
Style:  Colorful, Quirky, Sexy, Fun, Original 

This week's Style Crush Saturday is the one-and-only Miss Katy Perry.  No one can deny that this woman has a style that is all her own.  Katy never misses an opportunity to let her personality shine through her fashion.  Every outfit is a statement, whether she's on the stage performing or on the red carpet smiling.  Her style varies from fun, sexy, quirky, flirty, and just completely outrageous.  

Katy is a showstopper who never disappoints   Her fearless attitude and undeniable charm let her get away with a lot of fashion risks that many people could not. I have been a huge fan of Katy for years not only for her infamous style, unforgettable personality, but also her incredible voice.  She is a true artist through and through.

Credits: 12345678

April 26, 2013

My Style: A Touch of Turquoise

Today's Look:  is thanks to my favorite local stores, Clothes Hound and Foot Fetish.  I wore a layered off-white, loose t-shirt, simple, dark-blue jeans, pair of brown, leather ankle boots, turquoise velvet purse, and a multicolored beaded necklace.  The purse is my favorite part of this outfit.  The Chanel inspired design and brightly colored material makes the bag a one-of-a-kind. The turquoise purse matches the turquoise beads in the necklace, adding a pop of color.  

Outfit Details:  Shirt by Ya Los Angeles at Foot Fetish, Jeans by Levi's at Macy's, Boots by Splendid at Clothes Hound, Purse by Nila Anthony at Clothes Hound.  

Fashion Tip:  A touch of turquoise is a must this season.  

April 25, 2013

My Style: S'il Vous Plaît

Today's Look:  has some gypsy, cowgirl, & hipster elements.  My favorite part of the outfit is definitely the intricately beaded vest.  The vest is beaded on the front and back.  To keep the outfit casual, I wore a simple t-shirt with the printed words "s'il vous plaît" under the vest, light-blue jeans, fringed suede purse, and just-above-the-ankle boots.  The boots grey/brown color matched nicely with the t-shirt as well as the vest.

Outfit Details:  Vest by Dolls Point at Urban Outfitters, Shirt by Express, Jeans by American Eagle, Boots by Jellypop at 6pm.com, Purse by Steve Madden, Nail Polish by OPI.

Fashion Tip:  When wearing ankle boots, make sure to wear skinny jeans that can be neatly tucked into the boots.  Flared pants and ankle boots don't mesh well.

April 23, 2013

My Style: Earth Day Neutrals

Today's Look:  is all about celebrating Earth Day and wearing neutrals.  Every April 22nd, Earth Day is an annual event on which activities are held that demonstrate and promote environmental protection.  In honor of this respectable day, I chose to dress in greens, browns, and beiges.  My favorite piece of the outfit happens to be my silver chain necklace that includes a charm of the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life has been used in science, religions, philosophies, and mythologies as a symbol of unity and knowledge.  Happy Earth Day!    

Outfit Details:  Shirt by Love on a Hanger at Nordstrom, Lace Vest by American Rag at Macy's. Pants by Express, Boots by OTBT, Purse by Steve Madden, Gold Necklace at World Market, Silver/Gold Necklace at Foot Fetish.

Fashion Tip:  Sometimes wearing one necklace just isn't enough.  Try mixing it up by pairing different necklaces together to create a unique look. 

April 22, 2013

My Style: Shimmery Poncho

Today's Look:  includes a shimmery poncho, charcoal skinny jeans, and black military boots.  The shimmery poncho is two sizes too big for me, but I love it.  It has a loose/casual fit, but the sparkles dress it up.  To be consistent with my leathers, I wore black leather boots with a black leather purse.  Finishing off the outfit, I added tarnished gold jewelry pieces that included a couple of rings, earrings, and a heart pendant necklace. 

Outfit Details:  Top by Forever 21, Jeans by Express, Boots by Steve Madden, Purse by Betsey Johnson, Necklace by Forever 21, Nail Polish by OPI.  

Fashion Tip:  When wearing a girly, shimmery top with a casual outfit, try pairing the top with jeans and boots or simple sandals to dull down the sparkle, rather than wearing shimmery shoes that clash.  The focus should be on the top.  

Photos by Kiersten Shae Photography 

April 19, 2013

My Style: Flowers & Denim

Today's Look:  is all about the sequined-flowers top.  I bought this top at The Basement Marketplace in Flagstaff, AZ and it's one of my favorite pieces I have acquired.  It's feminine, fun, and reminds me of the '60s.  Since the top is sequined, it can be dressy or casual.  I paired it with army pants and a denim cut-off vest for a casual outing downtown.  To finish the look, I wore white sandals to go with the white top, a yellow undershirt to compliment the detailing of the flowers, and my favorite Betsey bag.

Outfit Details:  Shirt by Mono B, Vest by Yes! Miss at Charlotte Russe, Pants by Forever 21, Sandals by Merona at Target, Purse by Betsey Johnson.

Fashion Tip:  When wearing denim on top, whether it's a shirt, vest, or jacket, always try to wear different colored bottoms.  Light denim with light denim or dark with dark is too matchy-matchy. Try to keep the outfit interesting.

Pictures by Kiersten Shae Photography

April 18, 2013

My Style: Breaking all the Rules

Today's Look:   is all about breaking the well known rules of fashion.  Normally, you are not supposed to wear brown with black, navy with black, OR a black leather purse with brown leather boots.  I broke all three rules in this one outfit.  Why? Because it looked good.  The black skinny jeans made the white under-layer of the shirt pop. The white under-layer of the shirt worked as a perfect divider of the navy and black colored items, allowing me to wear the colors together.  The black purse works because of the matching black color of the pants. I also love that the purse isn't distracting from the ensemble, but rather complimentary. The brown boots go well with the color of my hair, relaxed cut of the shirt, and unique design of the necklace.  

Outfit Details:  Shirt by Potter's Pot, Pants by Else at Macy's, Boots by Steve Madden, Purse by Betsey Johnson, Necklace at PacSun, Earrings by Lucky Brand at Dillard's. 

Fashion Tip:  When considering breaking a fashion rule, as long as you know what you're doing, go for it.  Make the rule more of a suggestion in your mind.  I once thought denim-on-denim was a huge fashion faux pas, but I have seen it pulled off nicely before.  

April 15, 2013

My Style: Bright Red Skinny Jeans

Today's Look:  includes a pair of bright red skinny jeans, bedazzled spike necklace, and a shirt with a lace skull on it.  Yesterday, I wore a girly, floral maxi dress, so today I felt like dressing a little rebellious and tougher.  I just bought these skinny jeans after months of searching for the perfect pair and I had been dying to wear them. Since the pants are so bright and happy, I figured wearing them with the dark skull shirt made them less preppy.  Even though I am not a goth or emo, I am in love with this shirt.  It's feminine yet fierce.

Outfit Details:  Pants by Lauren Conrad at Kohl's, Shirt by Express, Boots by Steve Madden, Purse by Betsey Johnson, Necklace by BP at Nordstrom.

Fashion Tip:  Never limit your style by labeling yourself or how you think people expect you to dress.  My style isn't preppy, goth, emo, girly, sporty, or anything that can be described/labeled like that.  My style is influenced by whatever mood I'm in. I always wear what I feel like wearing, which makes my style unique and unpredictable.  Just be you and have fun with fashion!

My Style: Boho Chic Maxi Dress

Today's Look:  is inspired by the effortless style of boho chic.   Boho chic is a female fashion trend that shows major bohemian and hippie influences.  My favorite boho chic icons include Kate Moss, Florence Welch, and Sienna Miller.  Since the dress can be either dressy or casual, I paired it with a cut-off, light-denim vest, a brown suede, fringe purse, and thong gladiator sandals.   To go along with the boho chic theme of the outfit, I wore my hair in loose curls.

Outfit Details:  Dress by American Rag at Macy's, Vest by Charlotte Russe, Purse by Steve Madden, Sandals by Mossimo at Target, Necklace at Pacsun.

Fashion Tip:  Lately, the most popular fashion trends have been originating from Europe. If you're looking for the most current styles to stay ahead of the curve be sure to keep up with the fashion of the U.K., France, and Italy.

April 13, 2013

My Style: Gold, Silver, & Glitter

Today's Look:  is inspired by one of my favorite characters from Pretty Little Liars, Aria.  Aria always has such an unique, raw style.  I love it!  Today's outfit was picked carefully, because I had two different events I was attending, which included a fashion show/art auction and an underground concert.  These two events called for such different attire it's not even funny.  I had to be creative.  I chose to wear a skirt with lace, ribbon, & sequin detailing, to dress up my look for the fashion show, but I paired it will black tights and military boots so I wouldn't be over-dressed for the concert.  To finish off the look, I tucked in a silver, metallic top with leopard print sleeves and added silver and gold jewelry.  My necklace had both metals, therefore allowing me to wear both gold and silver accessories. 

Oufit Details:  Shirt by Potter's Pot, Skirt by Lovely Day at Urbanog.com, Boots by Steve Madden, Necklace by Express, Purse by Betsey Johnson.

Fashion Tip:  Opaque black tights with a short skirt and combat boots is a great way to stay warm and chic on a chilly spring evening. 

April 11, 2013

My Style: Black Lace and Military Boots

Today's Look:  is all about the contrast between black & white, lace & military boots, and goth & girly.  Somedays I just feel like wearing black, and today was one of those days.  I wore a sheer, lace top with a black cami, along with charcoal skinny jeans tucked into military boots.  Since the outfit was so dark, I chose to wear my bright white purse and bracelet to create contrast.

Outfit Details:  Shirt by Love Squared at Nordstrom, Jeans by Express, Boots by Steve Madden, Purse by Charming Charlies, White Bracelet by Charlotte Russe, Black Bracelet by APT. 9 at Kohl's, Necklace by BP at Nordstrom.

Fashion Tip:  When creating an outfit that includes metal on jewelry (necklaces, earrings, rings, etc.) and a purse, make sure to keep the type of metal (gold, silver, bronze, copper, etc.) consistant throughout the pieces to create unity; unless more than one piece contains two different metals (gold & silver normally).  In this case, you can have pieces that are gold or silver throughout without looking gauche.

My Style: Hippie Cowgirl Fad

Today's Look:  has a laid-back (almost hippie) appearance with some cowgirl flare.  This outfit was inspired by one of my favorite stores Free People.  With a loose fit, the shirt gives the outfit it's casual/hippie element. The fringed bag along with the leather boots add in the touch of country.  To finish the outfit off, I wore straight-legged, light blue jeans.  Even though I am not a hippie or a cowgirl by any means, I had fun with this outfit. 

Outfit Details:  Shirt by Love Riche at Urbanog.com,  Jeans by American Eagle, Boots by Kelsi Dagger at 6pm.com, Bag by Steve Madden.

Fashion Tip:  When wearing a super casual outfit that has hippie-cowgirl elements, try curling your hair to finish the look.   Curled hair dresses up the ensemble and adds a feminine touch.

April 2, 2013

My Style: Lace, Flowers, and Happy Colors

Today's Look:  is all about Easter.  In honor of Jesus and celebrating that he has risen, I wanted to dress feminine, classy, and bright.  I think lace and flowers were a perfect choice.   The pleated skirt had a floral design on it, which matched really well with the chunky, gold necklace. The lace added a touch of elegance and made the outfit dressy, but the sandals kept it from getting too fancy (which I wanted).  Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

Outfit Details:  Embroidered Lace Tee by Express, Pleated Floral Skirt by American Eagle, P-Kirra Multi Sandals by Steve Madden, Side-Sling Purse by Charming Charlies, Floral Gold Necklace from Nordstrom.

Fashion Tip:  Lace is #1 this spring, so have fun with it :)