July 30, 2015

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review

I grew up watching the Hannah Montana TV show, and I always loved Miley's long, brown hair.  Although I have grown my own hair long, I still like extensions to add more fullness, length, and beauty.  I was asked by Irresistible Me to review the company's product and select what I would like to try.  I selected the Royal Remy Clip-In Extensions in 200 G weight and 24 inch length.  

Here are some reasons that I give the product 5 stars:
  • Silky, thick human hair, which is easy to style and clean
  • Well woven wefts with easy to handle clips
  • Holds color very well when dying
  • Fast delivery & nice packaging

I have used extensions before that came in a maximum of 18 inches so it was refreshing to have the option for longer--24 inches is so great for me!  If your hair is shorter, you should consider having a hair stylist cut the extensions (while they are in your hair) and/or layer your hair and the extensions.  You just always want the extensions to blend and not have a definite cut off of where your own hair ends.  Irresistible Me offers different length options for purchase, but if you decide to cut your extensions, I do recommend that you have a salon hair specialist cut the hair so that you don't make a costly mistake.

Irresistible Me has a very good array of colors to choose from.  In reviewing the colors offered by the company, I determined that my hair is between the Royal Medium Brown and the Royal Light Brown.  Since I knew that I'd be dying the extensions to match my hair color, I ordered the Royal Ash Blonde, because it is critical to order lighter than your own color if you are going to dye the extensions.  Hair extensions take on darker dye, but due to special processing, most extensions will not easily lighten.  Also, some beauty supply clerks might recommend a 10 developer to help the color grab.  I find that 20 works best, allowing some lighter colors to stay for a more natural look, adding depth.  Also, you might get advice to go warm or go cool, etc., but it is my opinion that you match your hair color perfectly.  Take the beauty supply store's hair dye sample card and compare it to your own hair outside to see if the colors match in natural lighting.  Lastly, a beauty supply clerk might tell you to use semi-permanent dye.  I find that permanent dye works best, coloring for 25 minutes instead of 30--but check the color and see if you need to go the full 30.  Of course, I'd never want you to go wrong, so it is important to try dying a small area of the hair extension to see how the color dye you selected works.  If you've never colored hair, the ideal process is to have a salon hair color specialist match the extensions to your hair color, especially if you have low lights or highlights.  A professional stylist will know how to mix the starting color of the extensions with a color dye to match your hair color.  Irresistible Me also has a custom color matching option available, but I did not use it and can't give that particular service a rating.

If you are lucky enough to have the original product from Irresistible Me match your hair color, you will still need to eventually wash the hair extensions.  Remember that you will want to use a quality shampoo.  Sulfates in high quantities, which are often found in less expensive shampoos, can strip both color and natural oils while silicone dries out hair; thus, I highly recommend using an organic, all natural shampoo.  I used Acure shampoo and conditioner with argan oil, which is supposed to heal and hydrate the hair.  Acure can be purchased at many health food stores.  So, of course, after dying the extensions, I gently washed and rinsed them (twice), then conditioned them, and rinsed them again in cool water until the water was clear.  After a  thorough air dry (or blow dry on cool setting if you are in a hurry) and a careful straightening, I was ready to show my new locks.

I definitely recommend these hair extensions :) Xoxo, Shelly

No Warranty of Products or Procedures
On the Arizona Girl blog, I share my personal experiences and opinions regarding products and procedures. Beauty products provide a unique experience for each person and no warranty or guarantee is implied.  When in doubt, please seek the advice and services of a certified, professional hair care stylist at a licensed beauty salon.

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July 25, 2015

My Style: Tucson in July

Tucson in July is beautiful with flowering cacti, monsoon rains, and gorgeous sunsets.  To tour the area at dusk, I wore a distressed denim skirt and a black, cropped graphic tee.   I know some of you might not like the return of denim skirts, but they are on trend for both summer and fall.  Personally, I love them, because I find them so versatile--you can dress them up for a night out or dress them down for a casual day.  Add a fringed backpack, ankle booties, and a floppy hat to a denim skirt outfit, and you've created the perfect boho-western styling.  To complete the accessorizing details, I selected round sunnies, a mixed metal necklace, mixed metal rings, and a copper bracelet.    Hope you like these style ideas and have a fun-filled weekend!  Xoxo, Shelly


July 23, 2015

Off Duty Cool Girl in Sedona

This is an article I wrote as a guest contributor for the Charlotte Russe Blog.  I hope you like it!

I want to start by saying I’m not a guru on all things cool, as proven by my collection of Hello Kitty dolls and having watched every episode of Gilmore Girls. . . twice.  But I have been a stylist for a while now, and I have loved fashion since I could walk.  Along the way, I have picked up a few things about how to look cool.  Recently, I styled two outfits for a getaway weekend in Sedona, Arizona, which is so beautiful with its red rock cliffs, exquisite art boutiques, and fine dining.  Of course, a girl has to look casually fabulous while sightseeing and traveling all around.

For the first outfit, I selected high-waisted, dark blue skinny jeans and a striped crop top, showing just a hint of skin.  One of the pointers about being cool is to come off as laid-back with just a touch of allure.  You know that popular saying of “I woke up like this.”  Such a lie, but some guys love it when we keep that fantasy alive.  So, some form-fitting jeans with a simple striped crop is an excellent combination of on-point trends and comfy chic.  Add delicate jewelry, a handsome black bag, and high-heeled combat boots for a perfect ensemble.  Again, the combat boots with a high heel have the casual, more boyfriend appeal combined with a feminine accent.  The outfit is flattering, with a hint of intrigue, and yet seems effortless--just plain cool.

The second outfit has the element of chic with the distressed, cropped skinny jeans but also the casual, relaxed look with the espadrilles and button-up T.  Adding a great hat and a fringe purse shows you have confidence and a little bohemian attitude.  I totally recommend having fun with accessories. Contrary to what a lot of people think, hats are not just for bloggers.  All girls should express themselves and experiment with accessories from head to toe.

Being cool mostly involves confidence.  Break free from any rules and wear what makes you feel good.  Leave a comment and let me know your style of cool :)  Xoxo,  Shelly

July 18, 2015

My Style: Bel-Air Bay Club

he Bel-Air Bay Club is a private beach club in Pacific Palisades, California, located on the Will Rogers Beach between Santa Monica and Malibu.  I was fortunate enough to spend a day at the club as a guest, enjoying the gorgeous beach, the delicious food, and the comfortable surroundings--ahhh, the life of the rich and famous.  It was incredibly fun to experience if even for just one day :)  For this special day at the beach, I wore a blue, acid-washed, lace-up tank top with Native American print.  If you haven't noticed, front lace-up tops are one of the "it" shirt trends lately.  For beach days, it's always a good idea to have some sort of warm covering when the cool breeze comes in.  I opted for a slim fitting, denim jacket.  Next, what better complement piece than to add white lace shorts with a fringe hem?  Love the bohemian appeal of fringe shorts and denim paired.  Lastly, I added some copper accents with jewelry pieces and embellished sandals.  I hope all of you get to experience the California beaches at least once in your lifetime.  So beautiful!  Xoxo, Shelly

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