October 27, 2015

Free People Fall Festival

What's better than shopping at Free People?  Shopping at a Free People flagship store with one of your best friends!  Free People at the Chandler Shopping Center in Chandler, Arizona, invited me and Regan Norton, photographer extraordinaire, to their Fall Festival Gala to enjoy shopping, sweet treats, and goodie bags.  If you haven't been to the Chandler store yet, I totally recommend a road trip--and a shopping spree!  Plus, you will be greeted by the nicest ladies. 

Here is one of the lovely FP models who is also the Chandler FP Store Stylist, Maryn Worhacz.  Maryn is a sophomore at Arizona State University, majoring in Entrepreneurship & Visual Analysis.   

The fall collection is amazing from lace dresses to denim shifts.  Drool worthy designs!

To the event, I wore a FP top and jewelry with shorts by Urban Outfitters (FP sister company.)

I definitely felt a wee bit tiny (or rather, vertically challenged) standing next to Maryn (FP model) and the Chandler FP Store Manager, RenĂ©e Street.  Such nice ladies and such a great day!

Xoxo, Shelly


October 8, 2015

My Style: Pretty in Paisley

What is university life like?  May I rant for just a moment?  I thought teachers would allow laptops, cell phones, absences, and freedom.  I thought I could go where I wanted when I wanted.  My parents would tell me stories about classes at UCLA having 400 students and the professor wouldn't even know you were there or not.  Weeeeellllllll, my average class size at NAU is 20 and the professors take roll the moment class starts.  Part of your grade is attendance!  We can't use electronics unless they are for the project.  This is my least favorite part.  It's like an extension of high school.  I get it--they want us to focus and learn.  But as a transfer student, this semester is total review for me; if I have to hear about the "elements and principles of design" one more time, I'm going to implode.  Just warning those of you out there that thought you'd have all this freedom or time (they load you up on so much work as if their one class is your only class).  I don't mean to sound ungrateful; I am blessed to be able to attend a university.  Next semester, hopefully, I will begin to learn new techniques and be inspired.  It's tough being a college student...  One bright star:  you can wear what you want, which for me is a lot different than high school.

So, here's a pretty outfit to wear on a warm fall day.  As I've told you before, Hollister has amazing pieces.  The prints, the materials, and the cuts are perfect.  This coordinated outfit flows on the body and has the gorgeous fall colors of navy, burgundy, and tan.  To keep warm as the sun goes down, I added this beautiful crocheted sweater by Kersh, another favorite brand of mine.  Add some Betsey Johnson lace up booties, and you are ready to take on the world--at least for one day.

I truly would love to hear how your fall season is holding up, and I promise I will try to count my blessings versus contemplating what little freedom I have.  I am loving my apartment though!  Once I'm totally done decorating, I will try to take some great photos and make a blog post for you.  Decorating is a blast--I can totally understand why people become interior decorators.  I'm trying my best to juggle college work and blog work.  Thank you all for bearing with me and being so lovely.  Xoxo, Shelly