September 30, 2013

My Style: Grunge Plaid

Today's Look:  is all about the major fall trend of plaid and return of 1990's grunge.  To start the look off, I first chose a white graphic tee featuring the word "FAMOUS" printed across the chest and gray skinny jeans.  Since the morning had a chilly breeze, I wanted to pick a thick, warm coat.  I chose a red plaid peacoat and rolled up the sleeves to make it less wintery and more appropriate for fall.  Next, I chose black military boots, a backpack, and round sunglasses.  Finishing off the look, I wore red lipstick, two rings, black and silver stacked bracelets, and a black gentleman's hat.

Outfit Details: Top c/o Charlotte Russe , Jeans from Express (Scottsdale, Arizona), Jacket from Old Navy (was a gift), Boots by Steve Madden at, Backpack by PINK at Victoria's Secret (Prescott, Arizona), Hat by Hengshu at, Sunglasses from, Earrings at Sally's Beauty Supply (Prescott, Arizona), Rings from Premiere Designs Jewelry, Bracelets were a gift.

Fashion Tip:  Fall weather can be very unpredictable, especially at the beginning of the season.  In the morning, the temperature can be freezing, but in the afternoon, it can be hot.  Because of this, I suggest wearing a nice light top or layers underneath a sweater or coat.  This way you're prepared for the cold, but also can take off your warm pieces to cool off. 

This fall, red plaid jackets from preppy to grunge are a major trend.

Jacket and photo links found here.

Jennifer Lopez        Ryan Gosling        Cara Delevingne        Rihanna        Emma Stone

September 28, 2013

Style Crush Saturday: Zac Efron

Style Crush:  Zac Efron
Known For:  Acting, Singing, Modeling
Style:  Sleek, Masculine, Layered

This week's Style Crush is the handsome Zac Efron.  Zac, who is about to celebrate his 26th birthday, has been acting since he was 12.  He took drama classes, worked at local theaters, and enrolled in singing lessons to study his craft.  He was referred to an agency by his high school drama teacher, which led him to score guest starring roles on TV shows like The Guardian, CSI: Miami, and even a lead role on the CW show Summerland.  However, it wasn't until 2006, when Zac starred in Disney Channel's original movie High School Musical, that Zac became an international movie star.  For a movie contract he entered with "low expectations," High School Musical was a huge success; so big Disney even made 2 sequels with all original cast members.  After the movie aired, it went global.  Zac was thrust into being one of the world's top teen heartthrobs.  Since then, Zac has gone on to star in blockbusters such as 17 Again, Charlie St. Cloud, and The Lucky One.

Number two on People magazine's 2011 Most Beautiful People List, Zac Efron has been quoted saying he didn't always used to be swooned over or even swoon-worthy.  He reminisces about how he used to be short, awkward, and  a class clown.  He  was even teased for a gap in his front teeth, that he has since fixed.  The bullies may have laughed back then, but it is Zac who has definitely had the last laugh.  With his world-wide fame, piercing blue-eyes, and award-winning looks, Zac has become one of the most chased after males in Hollywood.  Along with his maturity, career, and manliness, Zac has also come to have an impeccable style.  On the red carpet, he smolders in designer suits, ties, and dress shoes; while on the streets, he turns heads in nice slacks, expensive leather jackets, and subtle accessories like aviators, watches, and scarves.  Zac is, most definitely, swoon-worthy. 

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September 26, 2013

My Style: Cozy Autumn Days

Today's Look:  is all about welcoming the new season that has just arrived: fall.  You can feel the coolness in the air, see the changes in the trees, and hear the new sounds all around.  There is no denying the leaves will all fall off soon and winter will be here before we know it, but until then, scarves, ankle boots, and cardigans get taken out from the back of our closets to star in their shining season.  To start the look off, I first chose the white, embroidered tank top, a rose, oatmeal cardigan, and a tank undershirt for layering.  Next, I chose my navy, skinny jeans, and multi-colored scarf.  I liked that the scarf had the oatmeal color, as well as white, black, and green.  Finishing off the look, I chose  to wear black ankle boots, a crochet purse, a camouflage cap, green dangle earrings, and two rings. 

Outfit Details:  Cardigan, Top, and Purse from American Eagle (Tucson, Arizona), Jeans by Levi's at Macy's (Scottsdale, Arizona), Scarf from Urban Outfitters (Tucson, Arizona), Hat from Basement Marketplace (Flagstaff, Arizona), Earrings from JCPenney (Prescott, Arizona), Rings from Aeropostale (Scottsdale, Arizona), Boots by Steve Madden at

Fashion Tip:  Ankle boots are a girl's best friend, especially in fall.  

Photos by Kiersten Shae Photography

This fall's "it" ankle boots feature a low cut, simple design that is very European and chic.  Boot and photo links found here

     Lily Allen              Miranda Kerr              Harry Styles               Rachel Bilson

September 23, 2013

My Style: Sail Away with Me

Today's Look:  is all about saying goodbye to warm summer days and nights.  Fall is officially here, so it's time for boots, scarfs, jackets, and beanies, but in honor of my favorite season, I wanted to post one of my last summer styles.  To start the look off, I chose white and faded-black striped, denim shorts.  The shorts feature lace embellishing on each leg that dress them up and slightly frayed ends that add edge.  Matching the off-white lace on the shorts, I wore an off-white, collared blouse that I tucked in only in the front to keep the outfit casual.  Next, to match the stripes of the short, I chose to wear my faded-black and off-white floral sneakers.  Finishing off the look, I wore a woven, taupe fedora with an off-white lace strip around the brim, a silver, heart pendant necklace, sparkly clutch, silver bangle, two rings, and fleur-de-lis studs.  

Outfit Details:  Hat c/o Charlotte Russe , Bracelet by Brighton c/o Fancy That (Prescott, Arizona), Top from Express (Scottsdale, Arizona), Shorts by Lulu Mari at P.J. Chilcottage (Flagstaff, Arizona), Shoes by Roxy at Dillard's (Prescott, Arizona), Purse from Charming Charlies (Scottsdale, Arizona), Necklace from Earthbound Trading Co. (Flagstaff, Arizona), Earrings by Brighton at Fancy That, Stone Ring from Disney Vault 28 (Anaheim, California), Silver Ring from Aeropostale (Tucson, Arizona.)

Fashion Tip:  When wearing patterned and/or lace shorts, try to wear a simple, solid-color top to compliment rather than compete.

To hop on the fedora bandwagon, I included a variety below as well as their link.

Fedora hat and photo links found here.

Miranda Kerr           Reese Witherspoon             Lucy Hale             Gwen Stefani

September 21, 2013

Style Crush Saturday: Jennifer Lawrence

Style Crush:  Jennifer Lawrence
Known For:  Acting, Modeling
Style:  Sophisticated, Sexy, Modern

This week's Style Crush is the radiant Jennifer Lawrence.  Jennifer is best known for her starring role as Katniss Everdeen in the movie adaptions of the literary hit series The Hunger Games.  Jennifer (age 23) was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, alongside her two older brothers.  Jennifer first began modeling when she was younger, but felt no passion for it; at the age of 14, she talked her parents into letting her hunt for an agent during a summer in New York City.  After multiple positive reviews with connections made, Jennifer scored some commercials and minor film roles, but it wasn't until she moved to L.A. that she got her first recurring role on a TV show called "The Bill Engvall Show."  Even though Jennifer has never taken acting lessons or even drama classes, she is one of the most raved about actresses of today.  She has starred in blockbusters such as X-Men: First Class, House at the End of the Street, and Silver Linings Playbook, won numerous awards including two Golden Globes for best actress, an Oscar for best performance by an actress in a leading role, and a Critics' Choice Award for best actress in a comedy, and is starring in the upcoming movie-extravaganza The Hunger Games: Catching Fire that is set to hit theaters this November.

Jennifer is not only known for her beauty and acting skills, but she is also known for her humor and brains.  Jennifer graduated high school two years early with a 3.9 GPA and is a self-taught actress.  Jennifer has incredible motivation and focus, which are major attributes to her star-status today.  Not only does Jennifer rock the big screen, but she also is a jaw-dropper on the red carpet.  Her fashions are breathtaking while her interviews are always honest and amusing.  She has never hid the fact that she has curves, nor does she want to.  She has even said that she knows in Hollywood's eyes she is considered "obese," but to stay a good role model for her fans and maintain a healthy, normal weight, Jennifer does not want to achieve the scary, skeleton figure.  Not only loved for her star movie roles, Jennifer is applauded for staying true to herself while living in the spotlight.  Her fans have come to love the quirky, blunt, and vivacious Jennifer that she allows the public to see.  Whether she is acting as Katniss and kicking butt or working the red carpet in couture, Jennifer Lawrence is a beauty queen, inside and out.  

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September 18, 2013

My Style: Made in the '90s

Today's Look:  is military inspired with camouflage clothing, combat boots, and a whole lot of attitude.  To start the look off, I first chose the camo, zip-front jacket.  I love the military cut and decor buttons.  To make the long sleeve jacket more casual, I decided to roll up the sleeves and leave it unzipped.  Next, I knew I wanted to wear my black combat boots to keep the theme going, so I chose to wear my black v-neck that says "Made in the 90's."  To add edge, I chose a beige, spiked headband and pulled it in by wearing beige, lace shorts.  Finishing off the look, I wore a black fringed purse, tan bracelet, and stud earrings.  

Outfit Details:  Jacket c/o Charlotte Russe ❤, Shirt from Forever 21 (Scottsdale, Arizona), Shorts by Sparkle and Fade at Urban Outfitters (Tucson, Arizona), Boots by Steve Madden at, Bag by American Eagle at, Headband from Claire's (Tucson, Arizona), Earrings from Aeropostale (Scottsdale, Arizona), Bracelet from American Eagle (Tucson, Arizona).

Fashion Tip:  Adding a lace piece into an edgy outfit creates a feminine yet tough look that is attention worthy.

Photos by Kiersten Shae Photography

Camouflage jacket and photo links found here.

  Cara Delevingne          Ellie Goulding             Kat Graham             Selena Gomez

September 16, 2013

My Style: My Chick Bad

Today's Look:  channels influences from street-style casual and hip-hop edge.  For this look, I wanted something tough but feminine.  First, I chose the varsity jacket.  What I love about this jacket is the body is dark denim, while the sleeves are black sweatshirt material.  Since the jacket's collar and cuffs are striped black and white, I decided to style the rest of the outfit accordingly. Next, I chose a white crop-top featuring a yin-yang symbol and high-waisted denim shorts.  To add attitude, I wore a black trucker hat that says "Shell Ya" and bedazzled aviators.  Finishing off the look, I chose a white studded backpack, white Keds, black studs, three rings, and a black-jeweled bracelet.

Outfit Details:   Jacket c/o Charlotte Russe , Shorts by Good Time at, Crop-Top by Nollie at PacSun (Tucson, Arizona), Shoes by Keds at Dillard's (Presscott, Arizona), Backpack from riverisland.comHat by Billabong at Tilly's (Tucson, Arizona), Sunglasses at Foot Fetish (Prescott, Arizona), Rings and Earrings from Aeropostale (Tucson, Arizona), Bracelet was a gift.

Fashion Tip:  Varsity jackets are great for adding a sporty edge to an outfit.

Photos by Kiersten Shae Photography

Varsity jacket and photo links found here.

          Rihanna               Hilary Duff                Cara Delevingne             Kim Kardashian