May 30, 2013

My Style: Taylor Swift Concert

Today's Look:  was specifically designed for the Taylor Swift Red Tour concert that I attended last night.  Let me just begin by saying WOW!  I was fortunate enough to go to her Fearless Tour back in 2009.  It was my first concert and most amazing thing I had ever seen.  Now four years later, Taylor has become even more phenomenal as a performer and artist if that's possible.  So in honor of her newest album's title as well as her tour's title, Red, I wore the shirt that I bought months ago at Target when I bought her CD.  It's an adult's small, which means it isn't form fitting at all, so I rolled up the sleeves to give it a more feminine look.  I wore black high-waisted shorts (modeled after Taylor's most recent fashion transformation) and tucked the shirt in.  To dress the casual outfit up a tad, I wore a black, metal-studded waist belt and nice sandals rather than flip flops.

Outfit Details:  Shirt by Taylor Swift at Target and, Shorts by Kimchi Blue at Urban Outfitters (Scottsdale, Arizona), Sandals by Montego Bay Club at Payless (Prescott, Arizona), Belt at Mahina (Honolulu, Hawaii).

Fashion Tip:  When getting ready to go to a concert, a lot of girls dress up which I personally think is kind of silly.  Are they trying to compete with the performer?  I don't get it. Plus, tight dresses and heels aren't comfortable to dance in or wear for long periods of time, so it's not practical.  I recommend wearing a shirt with the artist you're going to see on it (if you don't have a shirt with them on it how can you call yourself a fan?), shorts or pants depending on how hot or cold it is outside, and flat shoes because you will be standing, jumping around, and wearing the shoes all night.  You can still look adorable and fangirl it up at the same time.

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May 29, 2013

My Style: A Modern Twist

Today's Look:  is a modern twist on the old classic, a pair of blue jeans and a white shirt.  The combination of a white top with a pair of blue jeans will forever be in style, but the individual pieces themselves have changed throughout the decades.  The blue jeans have become lower-cut and bedazzled while the shirts are continuously evolving.  Starting out, I picked a faded pair of dark blue skinny jeans and an off-white crochet, embellished top. To match the color and metal on the top, I wore tarnished gold earrings, an off-white bracelet, and two rings.  Finishing off the look the look, I wore brown leather boots with my fringe suede purse. 

Outfit Details:  Shirt by Staring at Stars at Urban Outfitters, Jeans by Levi's at Macy's,  Bracelet and Earrings at Target, Boots by OTBT, Purse by Steve Madden at Nordstrom.

Fashion Tip:   When in doubt or in a rush, a white blouse with a pair of blue jeans is always a solid choice.  

May 28, 2013

My Style: Neon Pastel Romper

Today's Look:  emphasizes the femininity of pink, flowers, and a short romper.   The romper is covered in flowers of pink, purple, red, along with splotches of green as if they were leaves.  The floral print gives an almost splatter paint/ impressionistic portrait. The design is quite breathtaking.  Since the romper is spaghetti strapped, I wore my light denim vest to add coverage as well as layering.  To match the peachy-pink color in the romper, I wore a beaded necklace.  Finishing off the look, I wore sparkly diamond earrings and silver sandals.

Outfit Details:  Romper by Poetry at Basement Marketplace (Flagstaff, Arizona), Denim Vest by Yes! Miss at Charlotte Russe (Scottsdale, Arizona), Necklace at Basement Marketplace, Sandals by Montego Bay Club at Payless (Prescott, Arizona).

Fashion Tip:  Rompers can often be sexy since they are short and sleeveless, so adding a denim vest or cardigan, not only adds layering to the outfit but also makes the romper sweeter.

May 26, 2013

Favorite Stores in Flagstaff

Live in or visiting Flagstaff?  Here is a list of my favorite stores in Flagstaff that every girl should know and love!

Address:  120 N Leroux St, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Growing up in Arizona, my family and I visit Flagstaff all the time.  Every time we are in town, I make sure to go downtown to my favorite Old Town Shops which include three of my favorite Flagstaff stores:  Basement Marketplace, P.J. Chilcottage, and Black Hound Gallerie.  

Style:  Hipster, Grunge, Glamour 
Sells:  Clothes, Jewelry, Bags, Shoes, Scarfs, etc.

I fell in love with Basement Marketplace the second I found it.  Its unique location (underneath the Old Town Shops) and setup create a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.  The young, lively staff are always nice and say hello to every customer.  The store carries such a wide variety of style I can always find items that add to my closet.  I definitely recommend the Basement Marketplace!

Style:  Feminine, Classy, Preppy, Fun
Sells:  Clothes, Accessories, Cards, Soap, etc.

P.J. Chilcottage is a bright, happy store that has the most adorable merchandise.  The clothes are feminine, fun, and great quality with reasonable prices.  The selection of apparel covers two walls of the store, but every time I come back it seems to keep expanding.  The store also sells an array of necklaces, earrings, belts, purses, cards, soaps, pajamas, and a bunch of other things girls love.   P.J. Chilcottage is a definite must-stop.

Name:  Black Hound Gallerie
Style:  Funky, Punk, Retro
Sells:  Clothes, Books, Accessories, Souvenirs

Black Hound Gallerie is a lot different from the other two stores.  The other two stores are aimed towards females only, but this store has merchandise for girls and boys.  Not only do they sell clothes, but they also sell accessories, books, posters, gag-gifts, mugs, etc.  The store almost reminds me of a classier Spencer's. It is always fun to shop at Black Hound, because the environment is entertaining and the employees are friendly.

Address:  17 East Aspen Ave, Flagstaff, Arizona 86001
Style:  Feminine, Classy, Current
Sells:  Clothes, Accessories, Shoes, etc.

My fourth favorite store, which happens to be right around the corner from The Old Town Shops, is Shoes & Such Boutique!  I couldn't have been more thrilled when I found this store.  I dragged my whole family in with me once I saw the window display.  The employees are happy and helpful, while the merchandise is adorable and reasonably priced.  They have a great selection of up-to-date styles, an abundance of accessories including jewelry, scarves, bags, hats, etc., and an awesome array of shoes.  I can't wait to go back to Shoes & Such Boutique!

*Stores' website URLs are attached to their names.*

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May 25, 2013

Style Crush Saturday: Taylor Swift

Style Crush:  Taylor Swift
Known For:  Singing, Songwriting, Performing
Style:  Flirty, Feminine, Glamorous

This week's Style Crush is the one of my favorite artists, Taylor Swift.  Taylor Swift is an American musician who came to fame at the young age of 16 with the release of her first album, self-titled Taylor Swift..  Her third single "Our Song" not only was a hit on the country stations, but also went mainstream, taking the music world by storm.  Since then, Taylor has gone on to win 7 Grammy Awards, 11 American Music Awards, 12 Billboard Music Awards, and many others.

Growing up on a pine tree farm in Wyoming, Pennsylvania, Taylor definitely had country in her blood.  Not only did she love country music, but she also loved country style, which showed at the beginning of her career.  Cowgirl boots, flirty dresses, and ringlet blonde hair will forever be known as the classic Taylor Swift look.  After her teenage years though, Taylor lost the boots and curls and went for a more mature, hipster vibe.  Even though her hair is straighter, and her shoes are more U.K. than U.S.A., Taylor will always be the Princess of Country.  

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May 23, 2013

My Style: Hand of Peace

Today's Look:  is all about the shirt which features the Hand of Peace and Eye of Truth.  The shirt's intricate design stands out with thick black lining and gold detailing on bright turquoise material with a jersey cut. Matching the black on the shirt, I wore my black skinny jeans and suede ankle boots.  Since the outfit is mostly turquoise, black, and gold, I wore a very colorful bag that features reds, greens, yellows, blues, and even white. Finishing off the look, I accessorized with gold/turquoise earrings and two rings.  

Outfit Details:  Shirt by Fifth Sun at Target (Prescott, AZ), Pants by Else at Macy's (Scottsdale, AZ), Boots by Steve Madden at,  Earrings by With Love from California at Pacsun (Tucson, AZ).

Fashion Tip:  Black boots with a slight heel worn with black skinny jeans help lengthen as well as slenderize the appearance of your legs.  

May 22, 2013

My Style: Leather & Lace

Today's Look:  is all about my new Steve Madden Thundr-C boots.  The boots are made with tan leather and have a unique crochet detailing on each of their sides.  To match with the off-white coloring of the crochet panels, I wore my loose-fitting, off-white Free People shirt.  The shirt has lace all down the front that dresses up the casual cut.  Finishing off the look, I wore charcoal skinny jeans, a tarnished-gold heart pendant necklace, and my CA beach bag. 

Outfit Details:  Shirt by Free People at Saks Fifth Avenue (Tempe, AZ), Jeans by Express at Express (Scottsdale, AZ), Boots by Steve Madden at, Necklace by Forever 21 at Forever 21 (Scottsdale, AZ), Bag by Rising International (San Diego, CA), Earrings by Earth Bound at Earth Bound Trading Co. (Sedona, AZ). 

Fashion Tip:  A girl can never have too many boots.  

May 21, 2013

My Style: Paisley & Crochet

Today's Look:  is all about the patterns of the multicolored dress and the off-white crochet crop-top.  The dress has a wild paisley design with flowers of all different shades of blue along with specs of green, yellow, and white.  The crop-top has a crochet pattern of leaves and flowers.  Since the dress is sleeveless, I wore the crop-top over the dress to add modesty as well as style.  To add a little edge to the sweet ensemble, I wore a thick, dark forest green bracelet covered in tarnished-gold metal studs.  Finishing off the look, I wore my fringed purse, navy thong sandals, and metal feather tarnished gold earrings.  

Outfit Details:  Dress by Forever 21 at Forever 21 (Scottsdale, AZ), Top by Express at, Purse by Steve Madden at Nordstrom (Scottsdale, AZ), Sandals by Mossimo at Target (Prescott, AZ), Earrings by Earthbound at Earthbound Trading Co (Sedona, AZ), Bracelet at Target (Prescott, AZ), Nail Polish by OPI at Sally Beauty Supply (Prescott, AZ).

Fashion Tip: Sweet dresses are always a must during summertime.   

May 18, 2013

Style Crush Saturday: Selena Gomez

Style Crush:  Selena Gomez
Known For: Singing, Songwriting, Acting
Style:  Feminine, Sophisticated, Elegant 

This week's Style Crush is the lovely Selena Gomez.  Selena Gomez is an American singer and actress that first made an appearance on Barney & Friends as a child.  In 2007, Selena came to fame when she starred on the Disney Channel show, Wizards of Waverly Place.  Since then, Selena has gone on to starring in multiple blockbuster movies such as Monte Carlo, Hotel Transylvania, and Spring Breakers and is set to release her 4th album this year.

Even though Selena has grown up in Hollywood in the public's eye, she never seemed to go through that awkward phase. She has always had style and class.  Her presence on the red carpet always causes a stir, whether it's about who she's with, what she's doing, or what she's wearing.  Her fashion sense is more mature and sophisticated than most would expect from a young women, and for that she has earned the fashion world's respect and admiration.  Selena's sweet radiance is one of a kind and her style is phenomenal. 

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May 17, 2013

My Style: Animal Print Maxi Dress

Today's Look:  is all about the animal print maxi dress.  The dress is a light shade of tan with splotches of orange, black, brown, and gray all over it.  To make the dress casual, I covered up the spaghetti straps with a light, white blouse.  The blouse made the dress have a boho-chic flare and also more modest.  To pull out the brown flecks in the dress, I wore my brown suede fringed purse and leather boots that match.  Finishing off the look, I accessorized with metal feather earrings, two bracelets, and two rings.

Outfit Details:  Shirt by Naranka at Basement Martketplace (Flagstaff, AZ), Dress by Under Skies at Basement Marketplace, Purse by Steve Madden, Boots by Splendid at Clothing Hound (Prescott, AZ), Earrings by Earth Bound at (Sedona, AZ).

Fashion Tip:  Wearing ankle boots with maxi dresses is the latest trend.  Boots add a roguish touch to the feminine outfit. 

May 14, 2013

My Style: Denim & Tulle

Today's Look:  is all about contrasting the delicate tulle skirt with the denim shirt.  It was my cousin's college graduation day, and my whole family attended.  Since it was a short ceremony at a community college, the dress code was casual. I still wanted to look well dressed for the occasion, so I definitely wanted to wear a skirt or dress.  I first chose the white floral skirt, then the denim top that tucked neatly underneath.  To match the black waist line on the skirt, I chose to wear my black military boots and opaque tights to finish off the look.  

Outfit Details:  Skirt by Moon Collections at P.J. Chilcottage (Flagstaff, Arizona), Top by Mossimo at Target (Prescott, Arizona), Boots by Steve Madden at, Tights by Merona at Target, Necklace by BP. at Nordstrom (Scottsdale, Arizona) Purse & Earrings by Betsey Johnson at  

Fashion Tip:  When buying a denim top try to pick one that is of good quality but also thin.  Thin denim tops are cooler, more flattering, and easier to tuck in.