August 9, 2013

My Style: Out with a Bang

Today's Look:  is all about being quirky, but not at the price of being uncool.  To start the look off, I chose my bedazzled "Bang!" sweatshirt and high-waisted, bleach denim shorts.  The sweatshirt has a basic cut with long sleeves and round neckline.  Since the weather is still warm, I pushed up the sweatshirt's sleeves.  The shorts are not only white-washed, but are also embellished with silver, dome studs on one side.  I like how the dark black contrasts with the white bleached shorts.  Next, I chose my cut-out ankle boots with silver buckles and my silver-studded, black backpack to match.  Finishing off the look, I wore a black/silver bracelet, three rings, "Pow!" earrings, and curled my hair to add that last feminine touch.  

Outfit Details:  Sweatshirt at Forever 21 (Tucson, Arizona), Shorts at Forever 21, Boots by Steve Madden at, Backpack by Pink at Victoria's Secret (Prescott, Arizona), Earrings at Forever 21, Rings at Aeropostale (Tucson, Arizona). 

Fashion Tip:  Cut-out ankle boots work nicely with shorts, pants, skirts, and even dresses.  They can be used in place of any regular ankle boot or sandal in an outfit.  Socks are normally not worn with cut-out boots, but occasionally tights are.  

Photography by Billy Stuckman

Comic book inspired clothing and photo links found here.

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  1. :) love this! the shoes <3 but they are too expensive

    1. Thanks! :) They have a pair on that look exactly like these but 1/5 the price! They are just faux leather.