June 19, 2017

Beauty: Getting Ready with T3 Whirl Trio

With naturally wavy hair, my hair is curled more often than not. I personally like trying different curls and I’m always grasping to achieve the perfect beach wave. I have been using a 1” barrel wand curler for about 6 years now. I wanted to try different size barrel wands, but it seemed silly to purchase numerous curlers in order to do so. The Whirl Trio is the ultimate hair curling tool, because it offers 3 different sizes. Whether you like tight curls, medium curls, or loose curls, the Whirl Trio offers 3 different changeable barrel sizes so you can achieve whatever curl you’d like.

I like the  1” and 1.5” straight barrels the best. Changing the barrels is easier than I expected. It’s a smooth, simple twist. The only thing I wish the Whirl Trio offered was long or extended length barrels for those of us with extra long locks. Besides that, I have zero complaints. The curler is gorgeous, works well, and offers a lot of variation.

I photographed this post in my beautiful resort bedroom, while traveling earlier this month. I would love to hear about your favorite hairstyles and products in the comments below! Xoxo, Shelly

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