September 12, 2013

How to Workout in Style

Hip-Hop/Dance:   This look is designed for jumping, turning, bending, and other movements that are involved in hip-hop and dance classes.  When I think hip-hop, I think cool shoes.  To start the look off, I picked my black sneakers, featuring pink, sparkly-zebra print and neon laces.  Next, I chose soft, comfortable pants that fit nicely into the high-top sneakers.  Since the pants have a bold black-and-white design, I chose a simple, crop tank top to match and a supportive, black sports-bra.

Outfit Details:  Pants c/o Charlotte Russe ❤, Top from American Eagle (Tucson, Arizona), Sports-bra by Champion at Target (Prescott, Arizona), Sneakers from Rue 21 (Prescott, Arizona), Earrings from Aeropostale (Tucson, Arizona.)

↑  Hip-Hop Tutorial to Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend"  ↑

Yoga/Pilates:  Compared to hip-hop or dance classes, yoga and Pilates are less aerobic; therefore, your workout clothing doesn't require much support or even shoes.  To start the look off, I first chose the gray, drawstring sweatpants.  The pants are comfortable and non-restricting for stretching and a variety of movement.  Next, I chose a soft cotton, spaghetti-strap top and gray yoga bra.  I wanted to keep the theme of love and serenity and tie the grays together.  To finish off the look, I wore gold studs to match the writing on the top and navy, polka-dotted flip-flops.

Outfit Details:  Top, Sweatpants, and Earrings c/o Charlotte Russe ❤, Bralette by Pink at Victoria's Secret (Prescott, Arizona), Flip-flops by Muah were a gift.   

↑  Yoga: Strength Building Tutorial  

Cardio/Running:  For cardio, circuit training, or running, support is key. Buying the best shoes possible is your main focus to protect your knees, ankles, feet, and even your back.  I prefer Nike but there are a number of quality brands on the market.  I recommend you try on cross-training or running shoes to get the best fit for you.  To start this look off, I chose a white, graphic muscle tee.  The top is light, and airy, so it keeps you cool.  Next, I chose comfy, spandex leggings with a black/tan tribal print to add variety to the outfit, while staying practical.  During this type of workout, your legs are constantly moving in scissor-like repetition, so form fitting pants or shorts are preferable to avoid skin irritation from rubbing. To finish off the look, I wore skull studs, braided my hair to the side, and wore black Nikes. 

Outfit Details:  Leggings c/o Charlotte Russe , Top from Forever 21 (Tucson, Arizona), Sports-Bra by Champion at Target (Prescott, Arizona),  Shoes by Nike at Foot Locker (Prescott, Arizona), Earrings by Wet Seal at Blink (Anaheim, California.)

 Victoria's Secret Model 10- Minute Workout  

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