September 28, 2013

Style Crush Saturday: Zac Efron

Style Crush:  Zac Efron
Known For:  Acting, Singing, Modeling
Style:  Sleek, Masculine, Layered

This week's Style Crush is the handsome Zac Efron.  Zac, who is about to celebrate his 26th birthday, has been acting since he was 12.  He took drama classes, worked at local theaters, and enrolled in singing lessons to study his craft.  He was referred to an agency by his high school drama teacher, which led him to score guest starring roles on TV shows like The Guardian, CSI: Miami, and even a lead role on the CW show Summerland.  However, it wasn't until 2006, when Zac starred in Disney Channel's original movie High School Musical, that Zac became an international movie star.  For a movie contract he entered with "low expectations," High School Musical was a huge success; so big Disney even made 2 sequels with all original cast members.  After the movie aired, it went global.  Zac was thrust into being one of the world's top teen heartthrobs.  Since then, Zac has gone on to star in blockbusters such as 17 Again, Charlie St. Cloud, and The Lucky One.

Number two on People magazine's 2011 Most Beautiful People List, Zac Efron has been quoted saying he didn't always used to be swooned over or even swoon-worthy.  He reminisces about how he used to be short, awkward, and  a class clown.  He  was even teased for a gap in his front teeth, that he has since fixed.  The bullies may have laughed back then, but it is Zac who has definitely had the last laugh.  With his world-wide fame, piercing blue-eyes, and award-winning looks, Zac has become one of the most chased after males in Hollywood.  Along with his maturity, career, and manliness, Zac has also come to have an impeccable style.  On the red carpet, he smolders in designer suits, ties, and dress shoes; while on the streets, he turns heads in nice slacks, expensive leather jackets, and subtle accessories like aviators, watches, and scarves.  Zac is, most definitely, swoon-worthy. 

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  1. I love his style :D

    Eea P

  2. I have watched all of his movies you won't believe me that I got charter spectrum internet connection just to watch his movies online and to watch his videos. I am his crazy fan