February 6, 2016

My Style: Denim Daze

Growing up in sunny Arizona surrounded mostly by junipers and scrub oak, I sure enjoy a day of adventure with pine treed forests and glistening patches of snow. One of the best things about my quaint hometown is the variety of the environment within a twenty minute drive--from desert to forest. Kinda incredible, right? If you didn't know, winter is still here in northern AZ, with overcast skies, snow flurries, and a slight promise of spring soon to come with a warmer day thrown in once in awhile just to tease us. To stay cozy, I'm loving layering with a graphic tee and faded chambray shirt. The graphic design of an elephant against a zodiac-inspired background is beautiful on this knit top. Add a warm, vegan leather jacket with faux shearling lining and you are ready for outdoor adventure. Are you still liking the flaired jean look with high heeled boots? Me too! I have to let you know that these booties are amazing. After walking around in the snow and mud, I gently brushed off the faux suede when I got home, and they still look like new.  To complete the look, I added burnished metal rings--a vintage look that never goes out of style.  :)    Xoxo, Shelly


  1. I LOVE the denim. I have been looking for a pair like that for a while! So cute!