February 25, 2016

My Style: Evening Hike

All around us this month we hear about love and expressing it to those who matter most, which is wonderful, but an important person that we often forget about is ourselves.   SIX:02, one of the top stores for women's athletic footwear and fitness apparel that's owned by Foot Locker, Inc., approached me about their #MadLove campaign;  it's about showing yourself some love this month by adding new fitness gear to your closet, taking time to meditate, attending an amazing workout class--whatever gets you in touch with your body and warms your soul.  I love this campaign, because it's so easy to get caught up in our to-do lists and stresses that we forget to take a moment to show some self-appreciation.

The SIX:02 stores are designed with busy, active women in mind and include big name brands like Nike, adidas, ASICS, Puma, Reebok, Under Armour, and New Balance. The mannequins are posed in active stances, and the music is exhilarating. In addition to top brand merchandise, great ambiance, and superior service, the stores offer workout classes like Power Kickboxing. I was thrilled when the company contacted me to select some athletic apparel and footwear. The company's vision is the following:

 SIX:02 is a moment in time — "It's Your Time." Our name reflects the minutes or hours we encourage each woman to take for herself — to work out and stay fit, and to invest in feeling and being her best. The name is meant to inspire!

Of course, I am 100% pleased with my adidas gear--love this spring look. Gorgeous floral print, right? And nothing beats the classic pants and shoes. I hope you are keeping fit and feeling terrific!  (Kind reminder: spring break is right around the corner, a.k.a. swimsuit season. O_O) Check out your nearest SIX:02 store before your next workout. Happy trails :)  Xoxo, Shelly

Sweatshirttoppants, and sneakers courtesy of SIX:02


  1. good pictures, have a good day


  2. Shelly, you look so beautiful on all the photos! :) I like this spring-inspired outfit, perfect for hiking or jogging. I'd love to have the same sweatshirt! xx

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  3. Perfect!! ♥ xx

  4. I love that jacket so much I might go out and buy it! Miss you Shelly!!
    -Regan <33