October 15, 2016

Interning at Show Me Your Mumu Part III

Shannon, model/social media guru/my mentor and me

After receiving numerous emails inquiring for more details on my experience as a summer intern for Show Me Your Mumu, I decided to make a more in-depth and behind-the-scenes post. For those of you who are interested, I wanted to share some exclusive images from inside Mumu HQ and show some actual projects that I did for the company. Also, I wanted to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about my internship. 

What were some of your daily duties while working for Mumu? 

Most days would begin with me sitting at a desk next to the head of social media. I would go through all the Mumu social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest) commenting on tagged photos, liking tagged photos, answering questions, and sharing bloggers' or followers' posts if they made the quality cut. I would then create original posts either through graphic design with Adobe suite or styling new items that were about to be promoted and photographing them artistically placed on the ground (flat lays.) I was asked to shop for props that would help with social media postings such as fruits, flowers, accessories, etc. I helped with numerous graphic design projects including product designs, pattern designs, and lookbooks. In addition to my Adobe Creative Cloud skills and social media background, I also know photography and styling. I went around LA photographing models and helping style outfits to create content such as torso shots, walking away shots, detail shots, etc. I was also asked to research bloggers and their stats to see if Mumu would like to work with them. I made countless spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets. Honestly, most days started similarly, but would bring a new adventure along at some point. Every skill I told them I could bring to the table they used.

Was it a paid or non-paid internship? 

It was a non-paid internship, but, as an employee, you get to select three new clothing items per month for free. Also, for interns, they allow you even more of a clothing allowance as payment. I felt appreciated and compensated for my work. They were generous with gifting clothes, allowing interns to use employee discounts, and providing food for late work nights. 

I noticed you were the social media intern. Do they have different types of internships? 

They do not place interns into specific positions unless you have a special skill and get a department interested in taking you on. In your cover letter, explain what skills you have to bring to the company and earn the specific spot that you'd like to learn more about. They have numerous departments, but you will need to prove how you will benefit a specific department. If you have experience in PR, sales, social media, graphic design, pattern design, photography, styling, merchandising, content creation/blogging, website design, marketing, and even office management, you should definitely let them know. Out of eight interns, there were only two of us who applied for a specific position. The other six interns liked their experiences even though they weren't in specified positions. They would occasionally get tasked with trash duty, steaming duty, coffee duty, lunch duty, errand duty, etc. But they also got to experience a bit of everything and loved it when they got interesting tasks like pattern purchasing, photoshoot assisting, and helping with sample sales. Nothing is handed to you. You have to be unafraid to ask for what you want and qualified to deliver.

What was a work week like (days/hours)? Did you get any vacation time since it was just a summer internship? 

Since it's unpaid, I worked three days a week (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays) at Mumu HQ, and two days from home (Mondays and Fridays). The work days are 10 AM to 6 PM in Downtown LA. The parking can be stressful. Also, the commute after work is bumper to bumper for an hour and a half from Downtown LA to Santa Monica.

Summer Interns Goodbye Dinner with some of Mumu team and Last Photo at Mumu HQ with Cammy & Coco

Where did you live while working in LA (like apt, with a friend, etc.)? 

I was able to stay with my grandmother who lives in Brentwood. Depending on traffic, it was about a 30-minute to one-and-a-half-hour commute everyday. After work, the traffic is at a peak (rush hour), so don't make dinner plans until at least 7:30 PM. The other interns either stayed with family or rented an apartment together near the USC campus. Three interns lived together and rented from college students that were leaving for the summer. In addition to arranging your own living accommodations, you are expected to provide your own transportation to and from work. Interns tend to carpool since not everyone has their own car in California.

Invites I created for a Blogger Brunch and Sample Sale

What made you stand out to Mumu from other applicants? 

This is a question I asked the Mumu team and they told me my blog, my grades (4.0 GPA), my online design portfolio, my skills from my university major in visual communications and graphic design, my experience in the fashion industry and social media, my cover letter, and my résumé. They do get lots of applicants, so professionalism and specialties are essential. It's important that you love the company and understand the brand's mission, but what you can contribute to Mumu is key. It’s not about what Mumu can do for you, it’s about what you have to offer Mumu.

A candle case I designed alongside Cammy, co-owner/creative director, and Koozies I designed with intern, Emma

I am under 21. Do you think my age would be a hindrance to getting this internship? 

If you believe you have the skills, maturity, and drive to intern for them, your age shouldn't be an issue at all. Since you're not 21, you'll be a bit bummed when the Mumu girls are all going out for a drink, share a bottle of wine, or go clubbing after work on Fridays/weekends (these are special occurrences); although I'm 23, I don't drink, but I still enjoyed great after-work experiences and made memorable relationships.

Linesheets I designed for specific client mailings

Did you get to go to fun Mumu hosted events? 

As an intern, you get to work fun events and hangout with the Mumu girls at special events when invited. All the interns are expected to work the sample sales unless you're directed otherwise. One of my favorite events I attended was a free concert by Børns on the Santa Monica Pier with the Mumu social media team; we all shared huge pizzas, drinks, and spread out on towels in the sand. We took photos, snap chatted, Instagram storied, and tweeted while there. It was a cool experience to see how you can work while also having a blast. 

I see celebrities on their Instagram a lot; do you get to meet any of them? 

Actresses Candice King and Nina Dobrev stopped by the Mumu HQ while I was there and they were both very sweet. I briefly got to meet them. I actually helped Candice carry her baby stroller into the office since there are stairs. For the Bachelor Nation fans, Ali Fedotowsky and some other Bachelor alum stop by on the regular it seems. It's LA, so everyone knows someone who's famous. 

Their photoshoots look like so much fun! Do interns get to go to photoshoots?

With photoshoots, they tend to try to keep them secretive and minimal, but, yes, interns are sometimes allowed to assist on set. For shopping cart images (product images posted on the company's online store website), interns most definitely help; photography was not my department, so I did not help out regularly, but, when needed, I helped. Along with an amazing full-time photographer, they have a photo studio in Mumu HQ that they use everyday. For off-site on location shoots, you either have to be asked to help out or inquire independently, because they try to keep the numbers down to avoid hindering/cluttering workflow on set.

Social media content/postings I made/photographed

What do you do for meals? Does Mumu provide food options or do you go out?

In Downtown LA, it can be hectic to drive anywhere in a decent amount of time, but it's doable; there is always traffic it seems. Sometimes interns would go together to get Chick-fil-A, deli sandwiches, or gourmet salads. Walking around Downtown isn't safe unless you are in a group and even then I don't recommend it. There aren't many options in walking distance. Many girls order food and have it delivered; this is a great option if you're willing to spend twice the amount on lunch everyday to reach the minimum for delivery and pay a delivery charge. I brought my own lunch everyday. It saved money, time, and safety risks. Mumu HQ has a fridge and microwave. I often worked at my computer during my lunch. Everyone is allowed an hour for lunch, but it is better not to take the full time and dawdle if you wish to avoid working late. As in any busy company, there are never enough hours in a day! 

I am very appreciative of my time at Mumu; I say if you are interested and motivated to intern for Mumu, then you definitely should apply! Xoxo, Shelly


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