December 13, 2019

Perfect Stocking Stuffer ft. tech21




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As I get older, it seems to get trickier and trickier to know what to get each special person in my life for Christmas. I've tried food, which is a solid choice, but forgotten easily. I've tried clothes, which is tough with sizing and differing tastes. I have even tried gift cards, which I personally appreciate, but some think are a copout or not as personalized as a physical gift. Finally, I discovered one thing that is useful to everyone: a new, stylish and sturdy phone case! I'm a believer that one can never have too many phone cases, and also you should switch yours at least once a year to mix it up and stay fresh. A top phone case brand with numerous options is tech21. One of the coolest things about the brand is they use plant-based materials along with microbe-fighting protection that keep your case ethical and hygienically clean. My mom and I both have the same phone, so I treated us both to new cases to start the new year. I selected the Studio Colour case that is slim yet strong, while for mom I got the Evo Check case that is textured and customizable. 

For the Studio Colour case, I got the color Let Off Steam. My last case was sparkly, so I wanted something neutral and calming. It's a mix between a light grey and light blue. I love how slim and lightweight the case is, yet it's drop protective up to 8ft! 

For the Evo Check, I got the color Mid Grey for my mom. The case offers interchangeable colored buttons if she ever wants to change it up. Also, the case has drop protection of up to 12ft! The case is a little thicker than the Studio Color, but still thin and sleek. 

The cases are the ultimate stocking stuffer. If you are hoping for a beautiful, colorful case, tech21 has a collaboration with Liberty London, the iconic London retailer known for their vibrant prints. The designs are stunning! What is your perfect stocking stuffer? Let me know in the comments below! Xoxo, Shelly

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