February 5, 2017

Travel Diary: New York City

7th Avenue

View of the Empire State Building from T-Shirt & Jeans

T-Shirt & Jeans Showroom

Elle & Jae Gypset Showroom

Lunch at Refinery Rooftop with T-Shirt & Jeans Owner/Founder/CEO, Laura

First NYC Subway Ride

The David N. Dinkins Manhattan Municipal Building (New York MDCLXIV)

Brooklyn Bridge

Exploring Soho

L ast month, I traveled to Philadelphia and New York! I only spent one day in the Big Apple, but what a day it was! Early in the morning, I took the Amtrak train from Philly to NYC. I arrived at Pennsylvania Station at 7th Avenue. It was a busy street with lots of hustling people, bright yellow taxis, and a gorgeous view of the Empire State Building--perfect street for a photo.

First and most important thing on the agenda for the day was to visit one of my long-time collaborators and favorite brands, T-Shirt & Jeans. The company's owner and CEO, Laura, greeted me at the 18th floor penthouse showroom with a warm smile and big hug. The stunning showroom consisted of five main rooms displaying new bags from their latest collections. Laura gave me the grand tour and I tried to keep the drooling to a minimum. She introduced me to the rest of the T-Shirt & Jeans team and then we were off to lunch. 

We ate at Refinery Rooftop, a gourmet, fast-paced restaurant that appeared to be a hotspot for working professionals. Being the sophisticated socialite that I am, I ordered mac-n-cheese--it was delicious. I definitely recommend eating at the Refinery Rooftop; get reservations ahead of time though, because the place is popular! 

After the showroom tour and lunch, I was off to see the sights that some of my Instagram friends recommended. I somehow managed to navigate the subway and headed towards City Hall Park. I walked the Brooklyn Bridge which was a breathtaking experience. Heads up, there are a ton of tourist, street vendors, and bikes, so it's not a light, relaxing walk; it's a quick, try-to-get-out-alive walk.

My last venture of the day was to Soho! I really like Soho. Every street seemed to have a hipster coffee joint, stores galore, and photo-worthy cobblestone. Like many streets in New York, people seem to power/speed walk, but it was fun. I tried my best to keep up with the pace of the city. As I was sprinting around, I saw the Google NYC Pop-Up Shop which was cool; I wasn't aware at the time that it was only a limited time thing and a rare sight. Did I buy anything? No. Did I want to? Always.

Soon after exploring Soho, I was on my way back to Philly and then Arizona. For a behind-the-scenes/as-if-you-were-with-me look at my recent trip to the east coast, I created my first ever travel vlog! Feel free to check it out :) I would love to hear recommendations of places to see and eat at next time I'm in New York! Xoxo, Shelly

Read about my adventures in Philly here: Travel Diary: Philadelphia 

Purse courtesy of T-Shirt & Jeans ⇜ use code SHELLY10 for 10% off


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