July 21, 2020

The Ultimate Self-Care Day


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“Loving yourself isn’t vanity--it’s sanity!” -  Katrina Mayer, author and motivational speaker. And part of loving yourself is self-care. What might self-care look like? It might be spending a night at home reading a great book and giving yourself a home mani-pedi. Taking care of yourself might be getting healthier and maintaining a consistent routine. For me, quarantine, moving across the nation, and getting married have thrown my routines, body, and diet for a loop. So, when BabbleBoxx reached out to collaborate on their Summer Pick Me Ups box of the month, it was perfect timing! Sometimes, you need to do the things that you enjoy and just relax for an evening. 

To start my night in, I first made a yummy drink using Energy Rush Stix from 4C, a cold bottle of water, and a Swig travel mug. 4C Energy is amazing because it’s tasty, easy to make, low calorie, and sugar-free. The Swig insulated cups are wonderful to keep drinks cold for hours; they are also dishwasher safe, spill-resistant, and environmentally responsible. I love that Swig offers a reusable straw as well! (Discount SWIGXBABBLE will automatically be applied at checkout for 10% off your purchase on SwigLife.com through this link https://bit.ly/sxb2020.)

Once I had my drink and hydration all set, I applied my Vita Liberata Fabulous Self Tanning Mist using their tanning mitt. I also applied a light layer of their Beauty Blur Skin Tone Optimiser, gently using my hands. The Vita Liberata is easy to apply once you're showered and exfoliated. It creates subtle color with natural results but can be layered for a deeper bronze effect. I’m pale, so I stick with a light one layer. I like just a little color to feel my best and maintain a natural look. The mitt is soft and helps apply a smooth, streak-free finish. The tone optimizer is a nice primer that helps cover blemishes and makes the face even-toned. When I apply a little self-tanning product, I instantly feel better with a healthy glow. Even though I tend to burn like a match when in sunlight, I can still feel like a sun goddess by using this self-tanner. If you are interested in trying a natural, self tanner, Vita Liberata is offering Buy One, Get One 50% off their product from 7/19 to 8/1 at Ulta

The tanning solutions dry quickly, so soon after, I was able to settle in, relax, and give myself an at-home mani-pedi using a lovely pink Manicure Set from Cindi Nails. Pink is my favorite color, so it’s often my go-to nail color. I love this set because it has a healing basecoat, lovely pink/baby pink shade option duo, and a shiny topcoat. If you’re interested in doing your own self nail salon at home, use code Arizona2020for 20% off your purchase on CindiNails.com through August 31! They have many lovely, long-lasting colors to pick from. 

Every girl needs a great novel to read while waiting for her nails to dry. A feel-good book I recommend is The Summer Villa by Melissa Hill. Set in a luxury retreat on the Amalfi Coast, the story is about rekindled friendships and buried secrets. This Harper Collins novel can be found at either Barnes and Noble or Amazon.
The ultimate self-care day checklist: a yummy drink ✔️ an insulated, spill-resistant cup to keep said yummy drink yummy ✔️ self-tanning mist and tone optimizer (or whatever beauty product makes you feel beautiful) ✔️ an at-home manicure set ✔️ and a good book ✔️ 
What is your ultimate self-care day? Let me know in the comments below! Xoxo, Shelly

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  1. Shelly, I love this self-care article. You are so right that loving ourselves is important, and it's not vain. That tie-dye tumbler is adorable, and I really like those nailpolish colors. From your Instagram, I can tell you & your new hubby are so happy. Congratulations and be safe & healthy!