May 27, 2017

My Style: Pleasant Peasant & Summer Tips

Tips of how to make the most of your summer on a budget:

  1. Spend time with family - try to plan at least one family adventure whether it's to a nearby location or even in your hometown. My family and I are driving to Sedona to go hiking and sightseeing this weekend. Sedona is only 1.5 hours away, so it's close enough to be a day trip. No extra expense on a hotel is always nice! 
  2. Spend time with friends - make memories and take some pictures so you are able to remember all the fun things you did! Pick something to do with your friends, such as kayaking, hiking, biking, or going to see a summer movie block buster. Remember that carpooling to a national or state park saves money on parking passes and use your student ID at the movies for a discount or see a matinee. For nighttime fun, try a board game night or a potluck dinner and Pictionary. Check out this website on the 50 Best New Board Games. For a great evening outdoors, have friends bring guitars for singing and make S'Mores over a fire pit.
  3. Catch up on your favorite TV shows or binge watch new ones online using streaming services like Netflix or Hulu! It is summer; treat yourself to a day of relaxation and "couch potatoing." Some of my favorite shows lately have been Famous in Love (whole first season on Hulu), The Arrangement (Eonline), Young & Hungry (Freeform & Netflix), Modern Family (Hulu), and Love Sick (Netflix). Also, the Bachelorette just started airing Rachel's season and, if the first episode is any indication, it's going to be a very entertaining, crazy, and romantic season! 
  4. Take some of your free time to organize and clean. Organizing and cleaning can be a wonderful activity as you watch a sitcom (or listen to your fav music). The energy and silly story lines keep you entertained while motivated. If I'm feeling overly indulgent while watching a TV show or movie, I love to take my laptop or phone into my room or closet and start organizing. Currently, I have two big boxes of clothes and accessories ready to go. I always let my friends have first pick and then I like to donate the rest. I declutter my closet and my friends get new clothes--it's a win-win for everyone :)
  5. Get wet! Over the summer when the weather is the warmest, it's a wonderful time to visit the beach (if location and travel allow) or jump into a pool! My best friend has a pool and every summer we try to either float around sun bathing or swim like we are mermaids (don't tell her I told you.) If your best friend doesn't have a pool and you don't live near the beach, ask your friends about their neighborhood, community, and clubhouse pools and plan a day of swimming and chilling by the pool together.

These are my top 5 tips of how to make the most of your summer on a budget! I'd love to hear about your summer in the comments below. Xoxo, Shelly


  1. Love your outfit in this post. That top is so gorgeous!.

    Spending times with friend's is what I'd say a key to happiness in life, especially great for the summer when we have more time in the evenings.

    1. I couldn't agree more about the time with friends! Thanks for sharing :)

      Xoxo, Shelly