June 13, 2018

Singapore Travel Diaries

Last month, I set out on an adventure through Southeast Asia with a group of fellow creatives. I had been saving up with the intent to travel and praying for the right opportunity to come along. While watching Instagram stories one day, I saw a group of videographers, whom I follow, saying that they were planning a trip and have a few open spots if anyone would like to apply. I reached out and the rest is history. The group included videographer Erik Lauer, nutritionalist and blogger Isa Tales, photographer and videographer Kai Cranmore, and model Shanley Wilson (all from California), photographer and videographer Daniel Keating, and photographer and videographer Nash Hagen (both from Hawaii).We sadly never got a group photo (which we realized after we said our goodbyes), but you will see parts of the group in my travel diaries. Also, you can check out my Instagram story "Sing/Bali" to see more behind the scenes footage and photos from our trip and the whole group.

Our first destination was Singapore. Although it was a short stay, we made the best of it by doing and seeing as much as possible. We stayed at the Marina Bay Sands Singapore. It is known for it's prime location in the city, innovative three-tower structure, and rooftop infinity pool. The resort is truly magnificent. We walked everywhere while in Singapore since we were staying in the center of everything. The resort reminded me of a classy Las Vegas resort, because the hotel is attached to a luxury mall (above bottom right), large casino, and numerous restaurants. Since it is a luxury hotel, we all stayed in one suite together; it ended up being a blast and bonded us quickly. We joked that it felt like a middle school sleepover or summer camp. 

Photos by Kai Cranmore

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Our room at the resort had a view of the famous Gardens by the Bay and Supertree Grove. It was breathtaking. The domes house a variety of gardens including flowers, water falls, and all sorts of trees. I recommend allowing a full day dedicated to the Gardens to be able to see it all. We visited Supertree Grove after dinner one night and were blown away by how beautiful it was. We felt like we were transported to the world of Pandora from Avatar. It was magical. We walked around as it started to mist. These picture represent one of my favorite memories of Singapore. We wanted a group photo, but it started to lightly rain. We twirled as the raindrops started to pour. Thank you, Erik, for capturing this moment before we all sprinted back to the hotel. One Supertree has a restaurant and bar inside it called IndoChine where you can eat asian fusion with a view. I would love to eat there one day.

Photos by Erik Lauer

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For food, I highly recommend The Bird Southern Table & Bar. After trying some authentic local food the prior day, we were craving something a little closer to home. We went on a hunt for comfort food. When we read The Bird's menu, our stomachs took over. We tried the Lunch Special, Arugula Salad, Macaroni & Cheese, and Fried Oreos. Everything was delicious! I loved the interior design of the restaurant as well. I felt very comfortable and well taken care of. It was my favorite meal on the trip. The day before, based off recommendations, we tried the Telok Ayer Market ( a.k.a. Lau Pa Sat). It was a cool experience to see the historic, well-known food market. Lots of locals and tourists eat here; I wouldn't eat there again to be honest because our meals weren't great, but I recommend at least walking around it. On our last night in Singapore, we went to Sushi Tei. I liked it! The prices were reasonable, the decor was interesting, and the service was fast and kind. You order through an iPad on the table and the food comes pretty quickly and we had a big group.

If you ever get the chance to visit Singapore, do it! It's a gorgeous city. If you have been to Singapore, what are your recommendations? I would love to go back and spend more time there. While traveling, remember to always respect the local culture and research the laws and electricity plugs. Also check that your passport is valid for more than 6 months or else you are subject to deportation. Safe travels. Xoxo, Shelly

Note: Any smaller photos, that are not my property, are linked to their original sources. Check out the cool website links for more information and great details.

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