December 12, 2013

My Style: Winter Wonderland

Today's Look:  channels the childhood character Little Red Riding Hood with a modern twist.   Consisting of mountains covered in pine trees, northern Arizona becomes truly beautiful under a blanket of snow.  Yes, the temperature is freezing, but the scenery is breathtaking.  Inspired by the dark, snow covered woods, I first chose a flowing, long-sleeved maroon top, tan and black, aztec-design leggings, and black combat boots.  Next, I chose a black with white skulls and crowns scarf to add contrast, as well as edge (we all know the story of Little Red Riding Hood wasn't a bright and happy one).  Next, I chose the shearling coat for warmth and irony (normally shearling coats are made out of sheepskin, which pays tribute to the wolf in the story).  Finishing off the look, I wore dark lipstick for dramatic effect, dangling skull earrings to match the scarf, and two rings for good measure.

Outfit Details:  Boots & Leggings c/o Charlotte Russe , Coat by Cherokee at Target (Prescott, Arizona), Top by Lani California at Sage Brush Trading Co. (Flagstaff, Arizona), Scarf by Nollia at Fancy That (Prescott, Arizona), Earrings from Earth Bound Trading Co. (Flagstaff, Arizona), White Stone Ring at, Faith Ring from Premiere Designs.

Fashion Tip:  Shearling coats are not only warm, but they're also trendy.  Great for making a winter outfit fashionable.

“Alas for those girls who've refused the truth: The sweetest tongue has the sharpest tooth.” 

Shearling coat links found here.

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