December 22, 2013

Theme Party: 1920's Flapper & Great Gatsby

Over the holiday season, many businesses host holiday parties for customers to lift the spirits and bring in more sales, but often they also throw parties for their employees to celebrate and raise morale.  My father's employer always throws lavish Christmas parties with themes, ice sculptures, balloons, lights, DJ's, free drinks, raffles, and costumes at a local resort.  In the past, my dad has taken my mom every year as his date and they come back raving about the events.  This year, she couldn't go, so I got to attend.  

The theme this year was the Roaring Twenties which I thought was perfect since everyone is still buzzing about the recent movie The Great Gatsby.  To fully enjoy the party and be able to fit in with the theme, I wanted to have the perfect costume.  I researched women's and men's fashion from the decade and makeup as well.  I created the inspiration board above of what I liked from the wide variety of styles from the era.  I decided to channel a rebellious, yet sophisticated flapper while my dad liked the preppy, conservative gentleman look (like Gatsby).  

The Look:  To get the 1920's flapper look, I knew I needed a modest-length, sparkly dress, layered necklaces, heals, and a headband.  All are essential to pull off the look.  First,  I chose a sparkly black dress and fringe crop top.  I don't own a fringed dress, but the detailed top with fringed embellished rim worked perfectly on top of the dress.  Next, I borrowed two of my mom's pearl necklaces.  One was medium length while the second extra long which allowed me to double wrap the necklace around my neck.  To match the dark dress and top, I wore sheer black tights and strappy heels.  During my research, I discovered ladies back then wore strappy heels that were close-toed, but I don't own a pair, so my open-toed heels made due.  Finishing off the look, I wore a black, old fashioned leather clutch and big, antique-looking earrings that both were from my senior prom, believe it or not, and a white and gold beaded headband.  For my makeup I watched a YouTube tutorial which I included below.  For my hair, I wore a curled updo.  There are a ton of tutorials on 1920's hairstyles as well, but I simply curled my hair using a heated wand, from top to bottom, and used an excessive amount of bobby pins to create a messy yet chic side bun.  

The party was an absolute success.  When my dad and I arrived, we were immediately welcomed by 1920's attire everywhere with everyone in a great mood.  We received numerous compliments on our costumes and had a blast dancing, mingling, and taking photos.  The dinner and dessert they served were tasty, and the guests at our table were lively and talkative.  

Party Tip:  When you get invited to a theme party, don't be too shy to dress up or you'll miss out on half the fun!  Be bold by wearing a funky costume and have a blast dancing the night away!

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