April 3, 2014

My Style: Boho Grunge

Today's Look:  is about exploring the darker side of boho chic.  I selected a relaxed dress in black with a grey panel inset.  To add more life to the dark hues of the dress, I accessorized with bright peacock feather earrings, jeweled rings, a skull-shaped beaded necklace, a crystal pendant, and colorful friendship bracelets.  To integrate more of a grunge feel, I added a wide-brimmed black hat and distressed combat boots.  Remember life is too short to wear boring clothes.  Have fun mixing up styles, colors, and looks.  My style is definitely eclectic and trendy which keeps life more exciting.  It's always a great time to try a new style :) 

Outfit Details:  Dress & Bracelets courtesy of Earthbound Trading Co. , Rings, Earrings, & Necklaces by EB at Earthbound Trading Co., Boots by Roxy at Dillard's, Hat by Hengshu at oasap.com, Nails by Impress at Walgreens.  

Fashion Tip:  Distressed combat boots with a feminine dress make a comfortable and edgy pairing, great for everyday occasions. 

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