April 10, 2014

My Style: Free Spirit

Today's Look: is festival chic, inspired by one of my style icons Vanessa Hudgens, and fun for the hot summer days approaching.  To get this look, I started with the tribal jacquard cage-back crop top in black, beige, and taupe and denim cut-offs.  I just had to add a floral headband, cut-out ankle boots, and a crocheted vest.  Adding the perfect finishing touches, I accessorized with infinity earrings, a studded leather bracelet and belt, and tarnished metal rings.  To get an idea of what bloggers go through, I have a story for you, my loyal readers.  For this shoot in particular, I knew I wanted lush green trees, mother earth vibes, and of course, beautiful lighting.  My photographer and I set out searching for a great spot.  We had to hike through a field, down a steep slope, and through (not past but through) numerous shrubs to get to this location--I saw the logs from the highway and thought it would be an awesome setting.  Although the area looked stunning in the pictures, during the photo shoot I felt like I was under attack; I had to ward off ants, bees, rodents (at least I think I heard a few scurry away in the bushes), and scratchy branches.  Luckily, we survived the wilderness and got some great pictures which made it worth the work.  When I got a chance to look at the photos that night, there was a spot on the back of my top in one of the photos.  I zoomed in and it was a ginormous bee just hanging out, chilling on my back!  I'm very allergic to bees and very thankful I wasn't aware of its presence and that it didn't sting me.  Goodness...the things we bloggers go through for that perfect shot.  Anyway, that's my dramatic story. haha  Hope you're all having a wonderful week.  Xoxo, Shelly

Outfit Details:  Top courtesy of Charlotte Russe ❤, Earrings courtesy of  VanessaReneeStyle.com (at Phoenix Fashion Week) ❤, Lipstick courtesy of N°7 (at Phoenix Fashion Week) , Shorts from Forever 21, Crochet Vest and Bracelet from Earthbound Trading Company, Boots and Belt from Target, Headband from American Eagle, Stacked Ring from World Market, Band Ring from AĆ©ropostale, Nails by Impress Nails.

Fashion Tip:  Even if you're not going to Coachella this year, it's still fun to dress up and be there in spirit.

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