July 23, 2014

My Style: Shake Your Pom Poms Part 2

Today's Look: continues to celebrate this season's hot pom pom trend.  These shorts, from the awesome company Missguided, are the perfect blend of quality and style.  They are lined, soft, and comfortable.  The floral monochrome print with pom pom detail creates an eye-catching design.  To style the shorts, I added a fitted, classic black crop top and a bold, statement necklace, carrying through the circular theme.  Sometimes using a similar geometric shape throughout the styling creates a cohesive outfit.  Circles can also be found in the leather studded bracelet and the round sunnies.  To complete the look with some edginess (edgy and fun are always the two things I keep in mind while styling), I wore the Campus Queen black platform booties by Dirty Laundry.  These kicks are a good value and comfortable.  If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you have a pretty good idea that I adore shoes.  Let me know about your favorite shoe brands and styles; I love everything about shoes and probably should have named my blog Arizona Girl Obsessed with Shoes :)  Jk.  That's way too long.  Hey, to see part one of the pom pom trend/collaboration with Missguided, see my post from July 15th.  Anyway, tomorrow I'm off to Scottsdale for my first fitting for my bridesmaid dress (for my brother's wedding).  Wish me luck (and that the dress isn't awful like most bridesmaid dresses are notorious for being!)  Xoxo, Shelly

Outfit Details:  Shorts courtesy of Missguided  ❤ | Necklace courtesy of Charlotte Russe ❤ | iPhone Case courtesy of Clique Boutique ❤ | Top by Poetry from Basement Marketplace | Sunnies from UrbanOG | White Stone Ring from Nasty Gal | Silver Rings from Earthbound Trading Co. | Earrings from AĆ©ropostale | Bracelet from Forever 21 | Booties by Dirty Laundry from Hot Topic | Nails by  Claire's

Beauty Tip:  A matte on black gloss French manicure is the current "it" mani; classy with an equal amount of edgy.  Try it now by watching a tutorial I found on YouTube here!  Or as many bloggers have discovered, use stick-on or glue-on nail kits that have improved in recent years.  They look great and are easy to apply.

Love my new Lemon Balm Marinade clip iPhone case from Clique Boutique.



  1. Love your hair�� found you through a coworker who says his wife is your cousin(: small world

    1. Thank you so much and I agree that it's a small, wondrous world :)

  2. Thank you, Bianka! :)

    Xoxo, Shelly

  3. Thank you so much and I will definitely look at your blog :)

  4. What a cute outfit! Love this Shelly. xx

  5. Love this, especially the booties! And you look gorgeous <3

    Jess Lemos