July 1, 2014

On the Scene: Vinyasa-N-Vinyl

What:  Vinyasa-N-Vinyl was an electrifying evening of music and yoga! Event hosted two power yoga classes (7-8pm and 9-10pm!) Both classes had a live DJ, Beatmauler!  Basically, raving mixed with heated yoga, and therefore one of the most fun, sweatiest experiences you'll ever have.

Where:  Vinyasa Fit- Hot Yoga Studio, 6947 E 1st Street, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

Why:  The studio, locally owned and recently opened, held the spectacular event, Vinyasa-N-Vinyl to give new and current clients a taste of what's to come.  The studio invited me to the event to review their amazing studio, share their passion of yoga, and kick my booty with an intense workout! 

Event Rating:  A+ 

Last Friday night, I was invited to review a marvelous event, called Vinyasa-N-Vinyl, at Vinyasa Fit Hot Yoga Studio.  Participants joined instructor Kelly Thornton and owner Sarah Rainwater for power yoga classes in black light and listened to tribal vibes, drums, and electronic musical energy provided by live disc jockey Beatmauler.  The studio provided refreshing fruit water and held a giveaway which included 3 different buckets filled with yoga goodies and coupons to attend free classes.  If you have never done a yoga night to a live DJ, I highly recommend the wonderful experience.  We painted ourselves with black light body paint, encouraged one another to perform feats of physical impossibility, and smiled the whole time.  I rate the experience an A+.  It was like nothing I had ever done before and I loved every second.  Also, it was an added bonus that a couple of my friends, from my high school alma mater,  attended as well.  It was fun to catch up and workout together.  Let me know about studios you love and types of yoga you practice—I’d love to learn more about what my readers from around the world are doing.  If you live in Arizona or near PV, I definitely recommend giving Vinyasa Fit a visit!  :)  Xoxo, Shelly

What to Wear to Yoga:  When I was younger, I never knew what "yoga apparel" consisted of and I learned from experience.  Loose pants get in the way.  Loose tops fall down and cover nothing.  Shoes need to be easy to slip on and off.  For this event,  I wanted to be comfy and not too bold since I hadn't done yoga in awhile; I wore long, high-waisted yoga pants (which were great because even though I sweat, I wasn't slippery), a loose top that I took off and just wore my workout bra that was plenty of coverage and support (so I stayed cool), and braided my hair to keep it out of my way.  Next time, I will definitely wear a neon sports bra to join in on the black light effect! 

Katie Kasten (Vinyasa Fit marketer), Me, Sarah Rainwater (Vinyasa Fit owner)

Outfit Details:  Classic Yoga Legging by Pink at Victoria’s Secret | T-Back Sports Bra by Champion at Macy’s | Top by Basil N Lola at Basement Market Place | Sandals by Montego Bay Club at Payless 

Me, Reed Chiappetti (participant), Katie Kasten (Vinyasa Fit marketer)

Helena Kasten (participant/Katie's Mom), Emily Rupp (participant)

Kelly Thorton (Yoga Instructor) and Participant

Below, I included the preview video that the studio released so you can see how the lights, decor, and yoga looked all together under the black lights and music going.

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  1. This seems like such a fun experience! I would have never guessed that yoga & DJs would go together haha. Whenever I'm in Arizona, I have to stop by ♡

    xx AlexisSplash