October 9, 2014

My Style: Living Doll LA x AZ Girl (& Glamour Dolls Review)

Today’s Look:  is about finally finding the perfect little bowler hat. Some believe that the bowler hat, also known as a bob hat, derby, billycock, or bombin, was designed in Britain in the mid-1800s. Thomas and William Bowler designed a hat to protect gamekeepers’ heads from branches while walking or riding horseback in the woods.  Top hats were worn previously and were easily knocked off.  Nowadays, this little hat is worn purely for style by most people, myself included.  To the outfit, I added a sweet striped top by Living Doll with a faux-leather jacket and tasseled oxford flats.  Being the risk-taking rebel that I am, I wore white after Labor Day; in the fashion world it's now acceptable and even encouraged to wear "winter whites."  I think shredded white jeans are essential for fall.  For accessories, I added a delicate necklace and layered bracelets, including an evil eye charm that is said to ward off bad karma.  Last but not least, I enjoyed trying out some new makeup from Glamour Dolls.  See my product review below on the makeup.  ALSO, use discount code "ARIZONAGIRL10" to get 10% off your purchase from LivingDoll.La.  Hope you’re having a terrific week!  Xoxo, Shelly

Outfit Details:  Top courtesy of Living Doll Los Angeles ♡ | Makeup courtesy of Glamour Dolls ♡ | Bracelet courtesy of Jemulet ♡ | Necklace courtesy of Sunset 45 ♡ | Jacket & Jeans from Express | Shoes by Alex Marie from Dillard's | Hat from Urban Outfitters

Beauty Review:  Normally I keep to neutrals when doing my make-up--browns, nudes, and black.  I enjoyed trying light violet and was impressed with how much I liked it.  The 5 color palette I'm wearing is called "Off with His Head - Smokey Purple."  Glamour Dolls prides itself on being very affordable.  Although the eye shadow's full vibrance is not long lasting, I liked that it created a light coverage that was pretty but not too much; perfect for school days and casual outings.  A quick reapplication every couple of hours solves the problem.  I love wearing makeup but am not a fan of caking it on (unless it's a fancy/special occasion),  I truly believe less is more on a day-to-day basis.  For eyeliner, I  tried the "Gypsy Eyeliner Black & White".  The black went on nicely and did not have too harsh of an appearance.  My favorite of the goodies I reviewed is definitely the lip cream!  The lip cream feels smooth like lip conditioner but looks as beautiful and bold as lipstick.  The color is rich with a light sheen.  For this shoot, the color I wore is called "Karma - Deep Plum."  Overall, I am very pleased with Glamour Dolls!  Fabulous price, fabulous makeup.  Check out their website here.   Powered by BrandBacker



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