November 22, 2014

My Style: Burnt Bridges

Today's Look:  has attitude.  I'm all about people wearing what they want to and experimenting with mixing colors and textures and enjoying being bold.  This fall, I love wearing shorts with sheer tights and over-the-knee socks for warmth.  Add a beanie, plaid shirt, leather crop top, and combat boots and you are so ready for an awesome day.  The crop top from Charlotte Russe is exceptionally cool with sheer sleeves while the shorts from Petit Sesame have a sleek quilted detail.  Highlighting the grey in the plaid, I chose a soft grey bag by one of my favorite collaborators T-Shirt & Jeans, an excellent designer and manufacturer of affordable bags.  Also of special note is the pretty antiqued cuff bracelet also by Petit Sesame.  To win your very own identical bracelet, head over to my Instagram for instructions.  Lastly, I wore the Rock Star iHair reusable hair extensions in Wine Red made by Crisace Professional Hair Enhancement Systems.  P.S.  I had a blast driving around listening to music and exploring for new photo spots with my photographer.  We stumbled upon this grungy bridge and fell in love.  Remember to always keep a lookout for new adventures.  Xoxo, Shelly

Outfit Details:  Crop Top, Plaid Shirt, and Beanie courtesy of Charlotte Russe ♡ |  Hair Extensions courtesy of Crisace ♡ | Purse courtesy of T-Shirt & Jeans (available at Shopko & HauteLook) ♡ |  Bracelet and Shorts courtesy of Petit Sesame  ♡ | Choker courtesy of Chictopia ♡ | Boots from Target 




  1. You have one hell of a gorgeous face! *_*
    I'm on the same boat as you! I love to play dress up, and I think fashion is something that should make YOU happy, instead of trying hard to please others. I love these gorgeous leather shorts and the shoes, so lustrous! O_O

  2. OMG!I love your style!Your hair is so good!LOVE IT!

  3. You have paired everything so well, totally rocking <3

  4. Those leather pants are to die for. Really love your style.

    Eea P

  5. Nice style I love it