April 9, 2015

Behind the Scenes with adidas NEO Label

Back in February, I had the pleasure of working with adidas NEO label on their summer 2015 campaign!  I was flown to Miami, Florida, and had a beautiful room at the Thompson Hotel.  The scenery was very chic and brightly colored.  When I arrived, I was treated to a fancy dinner at the hotel and greeted by the adidas NEO team along with NEO goodies.  After a briefing of the schedule, I was off to bed to get some beauty sleep.  

Bright and early, I was on set meeting my videographer Kyle Hannon, consulting with the stylist Anna Roth-Milner and assistant stylist Lydia Burkhalter, and getting camera ready thanks to hair stylist Crystal Grossman and make up stylist Judy Jacamo!  I was nervous since this was my first big photoshoot with trailers, catering service, assistants galore, police escorts, security, you name it.  Everyone was so welcoming, friendly, and professional that my nervousness went away, and the first day was such a blast!  :) 

The first day consisted of modeling and styling two looks from adidas NEO's summer 2015 collection.  I selected a tropical sun dress with NEO slip-ons for my first look (you can see it in the video) which was taken along the ocean shore of Miami Beach a.k.a. heaven.  The look was photographed by the talented Jake Trott.  For my second  look, I chose a vibrant graphic tank, a pair of denim shorts, and high top sneakers.  Since the concept was fun in the sun on the beach, my hair was waved to perfection, and I wore a pair of sunglasses along with bohemian inspired jewelry.  Look number 2 was photographed by the stellar Jennifer Rochol at a colorful lifeguard stand. 

Day two arrived and everyone was working hard again bright and early.  Instead of shooting on the beach, the set was on a pier and then later in the day in a park.  The pier was insane!  People kept lining up, watching, snapping photos, and basically straight up snooping.  haha It was fun; the excitement only added to the positive energy.  Just like day one, the creative director, Ben Hennes, was wonderful and shared his vision for the photos and brought out the best in the models and me.  

Fun fact, this bike was twice my size and incredibly heavy. . . It nearly clobbered me numerous times, but it sure looked cute.  For the first look, I chose a very sporty, casual outfit with a NEO striped top, a pair of drawstring shorts, and blue sneakers.  The green laces on the shoes matched the NEO screen print on my top beautifully, and the bike ended up twinning with the green as well.  

For my final look, I again went athletic.  I chose a cool graphic tee, an over-sized jogger jacket, a pair of skinny acid-washed jeans, and orange flats that were so comfy!  To bring the orange of the shoes together with the look, I wore a patterned drawstring bag that had NEO printed in orange.  The look was totally fun and would be perfect for any casual outing.

Working with adidas NEO was a dream come true!  I would like to thank everyone including the NEO brand marketing and production team, agency art directors, account directors, and production managers, photographers, videographers, stylists, hair stylist, makeup stylist, production assistants, security, drivers, models, and anyone else that I don't know your job title (I'm sorry but you're still awesome!)  The whole experience couldn't have been better and I am so excited for the campaign to launch next month!  Stay tuned.  Xoxo, Shelly


  1. Lookin' good, cuz! What an adventure!

  2. You look lovely in each outfit, looks like you had so much fun!
    What a great opportunity :)

    Neeny x


  3. Looks like so much fun! And you had great outfits!

    1. Thanks so much, Margaret, and it was incredibly fun!

      Xoxo, Shelly