January 23, 2017

Travel Diary: Philadelphia

Philadelphia City Hall

Philadelphia's Magic Gardens

New friends Maddie & Lindsey

St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral

Independence Hall

Liberty Bell

The Navy Yard

ver Christmas break of my senior year at university, I visited Philadelphia and New York for interviews and discussions about my future. The meetings were wonderful, and I hope to share more about them soon. During my trip, I wanted to see as many iconic sites as I could. Not ever having been to Philly before, I had no idea what it had to offer, so I researched what was there and what people recommended. As a blogger, I wanted to see the most artistic and photo-worthy spots; meanwhile my "bodyguard", a.k.a. Dad, wanted to see all the historical sites. We compromised and did as much of both as we could. All the locations were photo-worthy and breathtaking. Every location was also free except for the Magic Gardens which had an entrance fee. Places I visited and recommend include Philadelphia City Hall, Philadelphia's Magic Gardens, St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Washington Square, Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, Benjamin Franklin's Grave, and The Navy Yard. For shopping, I had to stop by Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Anthropologie on Walnut Street. I attended the opening event of the Wedding Shop at Anthropologie. It was a lovely affair! I walked around Ritten Square afterwards. It was magical lit up at night. Even though I only visited for a few days, I truly enjoyed Philly and I hope to go back there soon. Xoxo, Shelly

Loafers from Target


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