November 29, 2017

Music: Lost Lake Festival Essentials

Thank you Hillary Horn for being my festival buddy and taking photos :) You the real MVP.

Photo By Bryan Adam Castillo

Photo By Bryan Adam Castillo

Last month, I attended the first ever Lost Lake Festival that took place in Phoenix, AZ, from October 20-22. The music festival was created by the same creators of Bonaroo and Outside Lands, and it did not disappoint. If you're from Arizona, like me, you know we were desperately in need of our own Coachella-esque festival, and Lost Lake Festival is just that! I was only able to attend Saturday, but I had a blast. My favorite bands that I got to view were Muna and Frenship! Not only was the music awesome, but the ambiance was cool with art, games, drinks, and food everywhere. One of my favorite things was giant croquet!

Need some helpful notes about the music festival? Here they are:
  1. There's no parking right at the venue but a free park-and-ride on the Valley Metro Rail was included with the purchase of the ticket. Look up the parking lots for the city rail and have the address saved in your phone for directions. 
  2. Like most festivals, the food is overpriced (typical concession pricing - small nachos for $15 dollars, smoothie for $10, etc.) and the lines are long, so bring your debit card and don't get in line just before one of your favorite sets. 
  3. Buy your tickets early for the best pricing. Each couple of weeks leading up to the festival, ticket prices are normally raised or sold out. 
  4. The venue allowed cameras with a detachable lens 2 inches or less--so cool to have more than just iPhone photos. 
  5. Of course check the website, but this year 2 unopened bottles of water up to one liter each were allowed in. If your water bottle is opened, they will make you dump it at the gate. The Phoenix water usually has a strange taste, so I recommend bringing vitamin packets. This year there was free vitamin water packets given out at a booth, so I used those when I filled my water bottles up. 
  6. Use the festival app to plan out which bands you want to see and keep track of what stage and time they play at. I had every single band selected and mapped out before I arrived. 
  7. Look up bands that are performing at the festival that you don't know beforehand. My brother went to Warp Tour back in the day and missed Katy Perry because he didn't know who she was! I still cringe at this story. I definitely recommend doing your research on the performers before making your final festival schedule, so you don't miss something great. 
  8. Bring a portable phone charger for when your battery gets low. The festival did provide charging stations but they filled up quickly. It would be awful to miss a band because you have to sit down for an hour while your phone juices up. It's best to have a charger on you and rest where you can still see a stage. 
  9. Wear a hat and pair of sunglasses during the day along with lots of sunscreen, because the Arizona sun will be harsh! You can put both items in you backpack after sunset. It's definitely worth it. 
I hope you found some of these tips helpful and get to attend a music festival next year! What are some of your festival helpful hints? I would love to hear yours tips & tricks in the comments below. Xoxo, Shelly 

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