November 23, 2017

Beauty: Conair True Glow Part II (Full Review)

As many of you know, I have been asked to use and objectively review some Conair True Glow items since the beginning of November. I had the pleasure of trying out the following items: Sonic Facial Brush, All-In-One Nail Care Center, and Warm Steam and Cool Mist Facial System. Now, the time has come for my final review of each product. *DUN DUN DUUUUN* I have been getting messages asking how it’s going and what my thoughts are, and I’ve shared some of my thoughts on my Instagram, with the majority being positive. But, we all know in the real world nothing is perfect, even though things can come pretty dang close. Here are my pros and cons of each item along with my final thoughts and evaluations.


Beeps Every 10 Seconds
Shuts Itself Off After 1 Minute
Long Lasting Charge
Hums And Clicks After Use

Minimum Maintenance Required

Easy to Travel With

1 Year Warranty

The Sonic Facial Brush is my favorite item from the True Glow products that I tried, because it is the one that I used everyday. It has not caused irritation and has made washing my face quicker and more enjoyable. I have used it with two types of cleansers, BioClarity and Neutrogena. I recommend sudsing your face like you normally would with your facewash and then using the facial brush for an extra deep cleanse. I saw noticeable change in my skin after just one week! I have combo skin (dry skin, clogged pores, oily complexion) and this really helps my skin have a nicer texture and get a deeper cleanse.

Two of my favorite features of the brush are its long lasting charge and how it is waterproof. It doesn't require any batteries and holds its charge for days/weeks (35 minutes of use = 35 uses, 1 minute = recommended use). I have been using it every night and sometimes in the mornings since the beginning of November, and I’ve only charged it once; when I opened it, I charged it overnight. I think the fact that it holds its charge that long is amazing! Plus, it makes it easy to travel with. If you charge it before a trip, you don’t even need the charging stand. The waterproof feature is wonderful for safety and convenience of using it in the shower.

My least favorite component, the automatic-timer, of the Sonic Facial Brush has actually become something I like about it. The automatic timer beeps every ten seconds to remind you to move to a different section of your face for an even wash, avoiding irritation to gentle facial skin. The brush automatically turns off after a minute which at first really bugged me, but then I got used to it. The timer keeps me from over scrubbing my face and causing harm. I feel like without the timer and shut-off, I would using it for 5-10 minutes which would be potentially harmful to my skin.

My final month review of the Sonic Facial Brush is that I really like it. If you’re looking for a beginning facial brush or a Christmas gift for a loved one that is reasonably priced, I think this is a great option. Plus, it comes with a one-year warranty. I think it helps prevent/diminish acne and is great for general face cleansing. It makes a morning and night regime more effective and efficient.


Includes Drying Fan
Fan Isn’t Super Strong
Works Cordless & Corded

Includes 14 Shaping Tools

Super Compact and Easy to Store

1 Year Warranty

Personally, I love painting my own nails. My friends and I often make a girls night out of it. We select a show we all love to watch or we catch up on life by talking while painting our fingers and toes. It makes us feel productive while having fun. I was excited to try the All-In-One Nail Care Center, because of the following reasons: I always like having my nails painted--not because I’m a total diva, but because I think it looks pretty; it’s a way to express myself, and it’s great for blogging photos. I don’t like going to the nail salon, but I love the outcome.

With the All-In-One Nail Care Center I’m able to give myself a legit, professional manicure and pedicure. I’m still learning how to use everything properly. I am a nail tool novice. Say goodbye to the simpleton days of nail filing and say hello to being a pro nail shaper, smoother, polisher. My final review of the All-In-One Nail Care Center is that I really like it and think it’s perfect for anyone who loves doing their own nails. You’ll never have to pay for another mani-pedi again. Hallelujah!


Easy To Use
Uncomfortable Goggles
Fast Results
No Timer
Requires Batteries and Cable
Very Reasonably Priced

Includes Safety Goggles

1 Year Warranty

Out of all four items, I was most excited to try the Acne Treatment Light Therapy. I have never tried light therapy before or read any reviews. But the newer technology has been well advertised and I was curious. Going in, I was sceptical yet open minded. I don’t know if my mind played tricks on me or what, but after one use, my pores appeared smaller. I have never had a product actually reduce the size of my pores, but this seems to. It’s kinda magical. I think this is a useful acne-fighting product that is affordably priced. My only wish is that it had a built-in timer. Since it doesn’t, my trick has been to find a YouTube video around my desired time and listen to it while I use the light therapy. It keeps me entertained and on time. My skin is normally very sensitive to anything and everything, so I do 3-5 minutes of the light therapy a few times a week. The instructions recommend a minimum of 3 minutes everyday. My final review of the Acne Treatment Light Therapy is that I like it. I think it works, but I’m light sensitive, so I use it with caution.


Smells Like Plastic
Takes 3 Minutes to Heat Up
Built-In Timer


1 Year Warranty

The Warm Steam and Cool Mist Facial System was the one I perceived as most intimidating to try. I have never tried anything like it. Once I read the instructions, it was smooth sailing. This is the one that makes me feel spoiled in the best way. Living in Arizona, my skin often gets very dry and flaky. The Facial System has helped my skin get moisturized. Plus, it is surprisingly relaxing. I thought it would be awkward to use, I pictured myself hunched over the counter, counting down the seconds, but I ended up really enjoying the steam for 8 minutes and the mist for 3 minutes on my first try. I simply got a stool to sit on and it was incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating. It reminds me of a steam sauna, except much more affordable and at your disposal at all times.  

The steam does take 3-5 minutes to start going. I recommend that you turn the timer to 15 minutes while the machine is heating up and then once it’s steaming, turn it to the desired time. I didn’t think it was possible for the cool steam to come immediately after the warm steam, but it did! As soon as I turned the setting from HOT to COOL, the water switched. I’m super impressed with how well it works. The HOT steam opens your pores while the COOL mist closes them, so both are important.

The instructions recommend putting your favorite lotion under your eyes before use and then on your whole face after use. I have been using Olay Complete as my moisturizer for the Warm Steam and Cool Mist Facial System and it makes my skin feel wonderful. I use the Facial System before bed at night and before I put on makeup in the morning when I have enough time. My final review of the Warm Steam and Cool Mist Facial System is that I really like it! It definitely helps moisturize dry skin and can be used as a relaxation tool.

Final Thoughts & Giveaway

Honestly, I genuinely liked all four Conair True Glow products. I’ve only been using them for a month, but so far I’m impressed. The skincare items make me feel like I have an in-home spa now. I have never been one to spend money on going to a spa, so I feel very pampered with these products. I can genuinely say I enjoyed trying Conair’s True Glow skincare line. Words of wisdom: you should always read the instructions before use, especially with skincare items. It makes the experience smoother and safer. I carefully read each item’s set of instructions, so I would get the best result and be properly using the items.

Since I'm thrilled with my Conair True Glow items, I think you deserve some True Glow in your life too. Conair is giving away 20 True Glow Sonic Facial Brushes and one grand prize winner will receive a Glow Box valued at $300! Be sure to enter the giveaway here. Sweepstake ends 11/29. The grand prize Glow Box includes:
  • True Glow® Sonic Facial Brush
  • $100 Spa Gift Card
  • Nest Candle
  • Allegro Cosmetic Pouch
  • Fashion Lounge Robe
  • scünci® Hair Elastics, Headbands & Jaw Clips
I hope you enjoyed going on this skincare journey with me. If you have any additional questions or concerns that I didn’t cover, please feel free to comment below or send me an email. I am happy to provide my opinions from my experience! Xoxo, Shelly
This post is sponsored by Conair True Glow and the items were gifted but all opinions are my own. 
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