December 23, 2017

My Style: New Year’s Resolutions 2018

New Year 2018 is almost here which means many of us will make New Year’s resolutions! This past year, my resolutions included the following: (1) learn how to cook more meals, (2) graduate college with a 4.0 GPA, and (3) start working freelance graphic design and content creation. I am proud to say that I accomplished all three. I didn’t start these on January 1; I started them at different times during the year as soon as I set my mind to do them. So this year, my new goal list is (1) get organized and declutter (this one is on any blogger’s wish list), (2) learn how to cook healthier recipes, and (3) learn videography. If you know what you want to do, start right away. Don’t procrastinate and wait until January 1 to start towards a new goal. Also, don’t make any negative goals, such as “don’t eat junk food” or “don’t be a couch potato.” More motivating goals might sound like “eat healthier and feel better” or “go hiking once a week with a friend.” So if you are reading this post on Christmas Eve or on February 2, now is the time to start on positive goals. You don’t want to wait until the next New Year’s Day.

Some people say “new year, new me” or “new year, new closet.” So, I wanted to discuss shopping online. With online stores, it’s tough to know which stores are legit and how the companies’ items fit. I have heard pros and cons for Zaful, but I have had only positives experiences with them. The pros are cute designs, reasonable prices, and decent quality. The cons are slow shipping, sizes vary with little to no consistency, weak zippers (which I had to get replaced), and returns are nearly impossible. I recommend ALWAYS reading customer reviews and looking at customer photos before making a purchase. Secondly, pay attention to the sizing and measurements the company provides but also how customers say the product fits. I normally find myself ordering larges in everything from Zaful, when I would normally be a small to medium. For this look, I got the sweater in large and jeans in xl (because the last two pairs I ordered came super small and tight). I love how the sweater fits, but the jeans are definitely a size too big. I normally wear a US 6 and these are more of a US 8. They fit like cute boyfriend jeans, but I might go to the tailors and get them resized--with the great embroidery design, I’d like to keep these pants for a long while. I’ve definitely been wearing the beautiful sweater on repeat this season.

In addition to ordering clothes online, I have been ordering shoes online for years. Growing up in a small town, the options here are limited. These handsome boots are from Reef, and they fit perfect to size. I have been very happy with all of my Reef shoes for comfort, quality, and style. I highly recommend them. Even though companies gift me items that I get to select, I am always honest with all of my opinions and views. Please feel free to write me with questions about products I have featured.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? I’d love to hear in the comments below. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Xoxo, Shelly

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