February 24, 2018

My Style & Travel: Palos Verdes & Redondo Beach

Have you ever googled a beach and the directions leave out the hike along the cliffs that you must take to get to it? Yeah, me too. This has happened to me in Hawaii and now California. I love adventure and hiking, but a heads up would be ideal. Luckily, both times I wore sneakers and locals gave me tips on the safest routes. Abalone Cove Shoreline Park requires a steep, slippery hike down to the beach, but the destination is so worth it. It’s beautiful! I wore sneakers as commuters, and changed into waterproof sandals once on the beach. The tides were high this day, but normally you can check out tide pools here too. Fun fact: my mom grew up going to this lovely beach. (I did not tell her I was going to see her old stomping ground, or else she would have told me about the hike. Haha I also got to see her high school and childhood home which was cool!) After spending the afternoon in Rancho Palos Verdes, we enjoyed the evening up the coast in Redondo Beach. I was born in this seaside city, and it has one of the best SoCal beaches. The sunset was magical. I also was able to grab dinner with my aunt who lives in Redondo Beach. If you’re ever in Redondo Beach, I highly recommend the restaurant Creme De La Crepe. I had a burger and dessert crepe and I’m still drooling. Lessons to remember, always pack sneakers when traveling, ask locals about the best and safest beaches, and never pass up an opportunity to see family. I would love to know which beach is your favorite in the comments below. Xoxo, Shelly

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