January 31, 2015

My Style: Shabby Chic

Lately, I've had a need to feel comfortable and free, especially since my weekdays consist of sitting in class for hours.  A loose-fitting, lace dress with a cropped sweater is the next best thing to spending a lazy day in bed with Netflix. haha  I love wearing over-the-knee socks for warmth, a floppy hat for shade, and ankle boots for strolling.  Add some pretty bohemian-inspired rings and you have a great outfit.  Let me know what clothes you feel your most comfortable in.  Xoxo, Shelly

Thirty-One Gifts + Snupped Tech Accessories Reviews

Being a blogger, I have the pleasure of traveling often.  Along with packing clothes and the usual travel items, technology is very important to bring along.  Whether it's using my cellphone to post an OOTD or my computer to edit photos to make a deadline, having my equipment with me is essential.   Also, keeping my equipment safe is critical.  In collaboration with Thirty-One Gifts to review their latest handbag line Jewell, I had the pleasure of receiving the Fashion Editor tote bag to hold my technology.  This charcoal grey tote has loads of room, excellent pockets, and sturdy, handsomely pebbled faux leather.  I am very impressed with the quality.  The design is sleek and the bag isn't heavy.  It's the perfect way to travel with my laptop, laptop charger, mouse, phone, paper pads, pens, USBs, etc.  

As another special treat, I was asked to design and review a custom laptop sleeve and an iPhone case from Snupped, an online company that offers customers the chance to create custom tech accessories.  For self-branding purposes, as well as fun, I used my Arizona Girl logo as my design.  The website is very user friendly, meaning even if you aren't super computer savvy or a graphic designer (like me), it would still be an enjoyable shopping experience.  The website had stunning designs for sale if you aren't looking to design your own piece.  I was excited to design my own however.  Snupped provides the dimensions of images required for best results.  I followed the directions and am thrilled with the result.  The laptop sleeve coloring is vibrant, the photo is crisp and clear (no pixilation), and it provides nice padding inside for protection of my device.  I opted for a pocket within the sleeve for extra storage and I love it.  For the cellphone case, it fits my new iPhone like a glove and it looks beautiful.  I definitely recommend the laptop sleeve and cellphone case.

Fun fact:  I truly put the tote bag, laptop sleeve, and cellphone case to the test;  during this photo shoot the bag was accidentally knocked off a tall stone ledge onto hard cement, but all my equipment and bag were unscathed!  Hallelujah.  I rate Thirty-One Gifts and Snupped an A+!



  1. So pretty


  2. Do cute PJs count as something comfy? If yea, then I'd opt for that :)
    Great outfit, I really like that sweater and the socks are so cute!
    Both the bags sound good, the first one looks really stylish


    1. PJs are the best :) And thank you!

      Xoxo, Shelly

  3. I love your blog so much xxx

  4. Lovely post! Love your outfit and accessories.

  5. You look so pretty Shelly! I absolutely love your style, and the relfection of the trees through the windows is gorgeous!
    Love youu :)

    xx Shirley

  6. your over knee socks ankle boot and sweater are looking very owsome

  7. What's up, I log on to your new stuff on a regular basis.
    Your writing style is awesome, keep up the good work!