June 14, 2013

My Style: Jeepers Creepers

Today's Look:  is all about my first pair of creepers.  Creepers are a type of shoe that are usually with suede upper and thick crepe soles.  They originated a few years after World War II when soldiers were based in North Africa.  Due to the surrounding climate and environment, soldiers wore suede boots with durable crepe rubber soles.  After leaving the army, many soldiers found their way to busy London with its popular night scene, bringing their funky shoes along with them.  Since then, the creeper shoes have become more of a fashion statement than a worker's shoe.  To start the outfit off, I chose my leopard print shirt that has a black jeweled anchor on the front, high-waisted jean shorts, and my creepers.  Since the shoes are black, I chose my black fringed purse and round sunglasses to finish the look.    

Outfit Details:  Shoes by Wild Diva Lounge at urbanog.com, Shirt by The Clas-sic at Black Hound Gallerie (Flagstaff, Arizona), Shorts by ChiQle at urbanog.com, Purse by American Eagle at ae.com, Sunglasses at urbanog.com.  

Fashion Tip:  If you haven't heard of creeper shoes, definitely check them out!  They are a current trend, super comfortable, and very fashionable.  

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