October 30, 2013

Costume: The Miley Look Halloween Edition

The Miley Look:  Need inspiration for a cute, edgy, and trendy Halloween costume?  Stand out by rocking the Miley look.  Inspired by her hit music video "We Can't Stop" outfit, you'll be sure to have the hottest costume every girl will wish they had worn.

What You Need:  To pull off Miley's cute, rebellious look, first, you need a white crop top featuring the words "WEST COAST" (you can always improvise by using material puff paint or ironing letters onto a plain crop top).  Next, a pair of white short shorts, suspenders (white preferably but black works also), and silver heels.  To get her sassy flare, wear multiple necklaces (she wore one "M" pendant and one key pendant necklace), cat-eye sunglasses (she wore silver and pink throughout the video, but any color works), and bright red lipstick. Also, make sure to wear your hair pulled back and up and accessorized with a black bandanna.  Giving the costume the perfect finishing touches, have fun stacking bracelets, getting your nails done, wearing multiple rings, and edgy earrings.  An optional piece to the ensemble is a teddy bear backpack.  I think it adds some humor to the outfit while staying true to the video.  Here is the link to the above costume items.

Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween!

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