October 2, 2013

My Style: How to Rock a Sweater Dress

Today's Look:  is on how to rock a sweater dress or oversized sweater this fall.  A sweater dress is most flattering with thick tights or warm leggings paired with boots.  Oversized sweaters look great with leggings, as well as jeggings, or skinny jeans with boots or high top sneakers.  To start the look off, I first chose my tan sweater dress and ombre burgundy and olive scarf.  Since the sweater is loose-knit, I wore a black undershirt.  Because it was a chilly day, tights wouldn't be warm enough, so I went with fleece-lined, black leggings and tall, leather boots.  To match the coloring of the scarf, sweater, and boots as well as pull everything together, I wore a colorful side-sling purse.  Finishing off the look, I chose big, tarnished silver hoops, two rings, and a black, spiked headband.

Outfit Details:  Sweater by Miracle City at Shoes & Such Boutique (Flagstaff, Arizona), Leggings by Mopas at Basement Marketplace (Flagstaff, Arizona), Boots by Steve Madden at stevemadden.com, Bag by Rising International at a beach shop (San Diego, California), Scarf from Shoes & Such Boutique, Earrings by Lucky Brand at Dillard's (Prescott, Arizona), Headband from Claire's (Tucson, Arizona) Heart Ring at Dillard's, Faith Ring from Premiere Designs Jewelry.

Fashion Tip:  Since sweater dresses and baggy sweaters aren't made for the purpose of flattering the body, wearing a form-fitting bottom piece of clothing, like opaque tights, leggings, or skinny jeans, makes the outfit warm and cute, as well as flattering.

A fall outfit formula can be as simple as sweater + leggings + boots to equal fabulous.

Scarf, hat, purse, legging, and sweater links found here

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