October 19, 2013

Style Crush Saturday: Lea Michele

Style Crush:  Lea Michele
Known For:  Acting, Singing
Style:  Elegant, Sexy, Bold

This week's Style Crush is the fabulous Lea Michele.  Lea is best known for her role as the lovable diva Rachel Berry on FOX's TV show phenomenon Glee.  Although she is often times too modest to admit it, the part was specifically written for her.  Lea first got the performing bug when she was eight years old and decided to attend an open casting call with her best friend.  Two weeks later, she was starring on Broadway as Young Cosette in the original New York production of  "Les Misérables."  Since then, she has gone on to star in multiple Broadway plays such as "Ragtime," "Fiddler on the Roof," and "Spring Awakening."  Due to her success on Broadway, she caught the attention of Ryan Murphy, Glee's creator.  After her fair share of stardom on Broadway, Lea left to pursue other ventures which led her to her most famous role as Rachel and her stunning career today.  

Lea is praised for her beautiful voice and impressive vocal range, but she is also adored for her fashion sense.  In 2010, Lea was awarded a position on People Magazine's Best Dressed List and voted "2010 Most Stylish Star" by E! Online.  Lea is known for having killer legs, voluptuous hair, and an irresistible smile.  She always turns heads with stunning ballgowns, intricate cocktail dresses, and classy/sassy heels.  She loves the color pink, feminine lace and sparkles, as well as showing some skin, but never too much.  Her accumulated success, this far, is sure to be just the beginning of a long, fabulous career for this starlet.   

Don't be surprised if you see Lea and her chic street-style out walking her adorable new puppy, Pearl. Pearl became Lea's newest family edition this week.  Now, I want one!!  So cute.

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