December 28, 2013

Style Crush Saturday: Olivia Palermo

Style Crush:  Olivia Palermo
Known For:  Actress on The City, Stylist, Writer
Style:  City-Chic, Feminine, Glamorous

This week's Style Crush is the stunning Olivia Palermo.  Olivia is a 27-year old American socialite and fashionista that came into the public's eye by starring on MTV's reality based TV show The City.  With a successful real estate developer for a father and an interior designer mother, Olivia attended expensive private schools and was named "the real Blair Waldorf" by her costars.  Born into the Upper East Side aristocracy, Olivia grew up going between New York and Connecticut.  Before starting her fashion career, Olivia attended The American University in Paris, France, but finished in New York City at The New School.  Following graduation, Olivia interned at Quest magazine, and then in public relations (PR) for Diane von Furstenberg.  In 2008, Olivia starred next to Whitney Port in The City, which followed their social and professional lives.  The show documented her job switch from PR for Diane von Furstenberg to accessories for Elle magazine.  She's not only worked for multiple magazines but also cover modeled for names such as Elle Mexico, Tatler, ASOS Magazine, Shop Til You Drop, and Marie Claire UK.

Although her life may seem like a fairy tale, Olivia had to work hard to make a name for herself and stay strong against rumors and jealousy.  After starring on the show and signing a modeling contract with Wilhelmina Model Agency in 2009, other New York socialites wanted a piece of the cake.  Living out a real-life Gossip Girl episode, Olivia went under attack from a New York social scene website.  Throughout the storm, Olivia stayed classy and, of course, well dressed.  Having the last laugh, Olivia became more popular than ever before.  Known for her impeccable street style and glamorous red carpet couture, Olivia is a through-and-through beauty queen/showstopper.  With Johannes Huebl, her model beau of 5 years, and now fiancĂ©, by her side, Olivia travels the world to attend fashion shows, write fashion-related articles, and maintain her own website which features her outfits of the day, write-ups of her travels, sneak peeks of designers' upcoming lines, and much more.  She is one busy woman!  Personally, I admire her fashion sense, fearlessness, and grace.  No one can deny she's a total fashion guru.

* To read more about the engagement and watch the instagram video that shared the happy news, click here. * 1/03/14

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