September 19, 2014

Music: One Direction Concert Essentials

One Direction Where We Are Tour

This past Tuesday night was amazing!  My best friend and I have been One Direction fans for years (before they even were known in the USA), so when we scored two floor seats for their current Where We Are Tour, we were thrilled.  Like any important night, what to wear and what to pack are two of the first things that pop into a girl's head.  After attending Osheaga Music Festival this past summer, I felt more confident in what to wear and bring to a concert.  Here are the seven essentials:
  1. A Concert Shirt - fangirling is part of the experience of going to a concert.  Show your love and support by rocking your artist's pic and name on your top for the night.  Plus, the top acts as a long lasting souvenir.  I started my concert shirt collection in middle school and it's so fun!  Tip:  If you don't want to wait in ridiculously long lines at the actual event, buy one from the performer's website or another store so you have it beforehand.  
  2. Shorts - jumping around in an arena with thousands of other people tends to make for a warm evening.  Skirts and dresses are fun too, but make sure to wear shorts underneath them, so you can have fun without having to worry.
  3. Comfy & Height-Providing Shoes - being on the more petite side, having floor seats can sometimes be a little problematic.  With comfortable platform sneakers like these, I get about 4 more inches of height for a better view and have no problem jumping around to all my favorite bands' beats.
  4. Instax Camera & Cellphone Camera - cellphones have come a long way in camera features and quality, so to capture the moment and be able to live it to the fullest, cellphones cameras are very convenient.  For me, I also like to have a memory I can physically hold onto, so bringing a Polaroid along makes for unique, cool pictures that I can immediately hang on my wall! Tip:  Remember to pack extra film! 
  5. Extra Battery Phone Case - I learned the hard way how fast a phone's battery dies at a concert.  With all the excitement of picture taking, snap chatting, Instagramming, texting, etc. you don't even notice you're in the red!  To solve this issue and reduce stress, have a battery case.  Tip:  In-store prices for power cases are around $100 while online I found a killer deal for only $32.  I totally recommend  Here is the link to the case I purchased and love. 
  6. Light Jewelry - have fun with bracelets and rings, but be selective with necklaces and earrings.  I recommend stud earrings so nothing pulls on your ears while moving around and a little necklace or choker so nothing hits you or breaks while you are dancing.  
  7. Something to Tie Around Your Waist - not only for styling purposes, but in case you get chilly or don't want to touch the seat with your bare legs, a cute flannel comes in handy!
  8. Backpack - last but not least, a fabulous backpack is necessary to carry your phone, camera, money, tickets, I.D., purchases, etc.  Tip:  Make sure to keep it in front of you on the floor so it's in your eyesight but not in the way.
The night was unforgettable, and I can't wait to see Katy Perry perform next Thursday night.  Then I'm off to LA for Teen Vogue's Young Hollywood Event!  Life is so surreal sometimes.  :)  What concerts have you attended and loved?  Comment your favorite concert memories and outfit details!  I always love hearing from my readers.  Xoxo, Shelly

Instax Mini, Garage shorts, platform sneakers, concert top

Outfit Details:  Shorts & Instax Mini by FujiFilm courtesy of Garage ♡ | Top from One Direction Store | Plaid Shirt from Urban Outfitters | Shoes by Dirty Laundry from Hot Topic | Backpack from Forever 21

One Direction Where We Are Tour

Fashion Tip:  Concert shirts can tend to be on the less flattering side due to their generic cut, so to make them more feminine, try rolling the sleeves up twice and tucking the top into high-waisted bottoms to accentuate your waist.  

Instax photo


  1. super photos:) x

    1. Bianka, thank you--the iPhone and Instax cameras worked out great!

      Xoxo, Shelly

  2. Both of your outfits are so cute!

    xoxo Kelly