September 6, 2014

Beauty: Enza Essentials Review

Over the last month, I have been testing out a new-to-me skin care regime provided by Enza Essentials.  The first step of the process included a questionnaire of what skin type I have, what my skin goes through, and my what lifestyle entails such as stressors and activities.  First, I tried their Extraction System which targeted oily skin.  My skin may be shiny; however, it's also very sensitive, so the Extraction System was a little too aggressive and made me dry out.  The next system I tried was their Complete Sustaining System, which included Sustaining Glow Crème, Hydra Gel,  Cool Sustaining Toner, Fine Facial Polish, Sustaining Cleanser, and Advanced Protection SPF 30.

Now, the moment you've all been waiting for, my review ;)

Customer Service:  A+

After finding my skin was too sensitive for the Extraction System, the customer service was very knowledgeable and understanding.  They immediately sent me the Sustaining System to try instead.

Packaging/Appearance:  A+

Each package was wrapped professionally and included a folder with medical facts, detailed suggestions, and personalized instructions on how to follow the regime for best results.  Very helpful!

Results:  A

Under the circumstances of a very stressful couple of weeks with school starting back up, t.o.m. visiting, and getting a new puppy, the Enza Essentials Sustaining System did a great job.  I got through all three major stressors with only a few blemishes to count.  If I had to pick a favorite product out of the system, it would be a tie between the cleanser and the fine facial polish because I love them both!  I have seen a change in my skin to be honest with an evening out of the tone and my skin feels smoother.

Overall, I give Enza Essentials an A+! If you're in the market for some new skin care products, be sure to check out and use promo code "ARIZONAGIRL" to get 40% off of your purchase through 9/30/14!

Xoxo, Shelly

P.S. The best makeup is beautiful skin.


  1. I hope you don't mind me saying here.... but you have to be the prettiest woman on the entire internet....... your smile is over the top captivating........

    Jayme, your fashion and ballet loving fan from New England....

    your skin by the way is sooooo flawless......

  2. The romper is very cute! I love the black and white stripes. Thank you for always posting comments and being a faithful reader. I really do appreciate the support :)

  3. Your skin is flawless. I've never even heard of these products but love your review.