December 16, 2014

People's Choice #FashionFOMO Episode

H appy Tuesday my fashionable peeps.  My #FashionFOMO episode is officially here!  Back in October, I collaborated with VIMBY (Video In My Backyard) and People's Choice to film an episode on how Vanessa Hudgens's style inspires me for the People's Choice web series.  The prep for the filming included emailing back and forth, brainstorming how to show Vanessa's diverse range of bohemian style, and phone calls going over locations and script.  It was my first experience with a whole film crew, detailed script, and booked locations.  It was a total blast!  The crew included Noel Jean, field producer, Dave Stone, filmmaker, Carlos Soto, production assistant, and Danielle Valiente, hair/makeup.  Everyone was so wonderful to work with and made me feel comfortable which is very important when filming.  The vibe on the set is major in my opinion.  Noel was a wonderful, friendly director and Dave and Carlos were very kind and funny!  And for Danielle, I want her to do my makeup and hair everyday.  Seriously.  I need her.  For the interview portion, the crew along with lights and camera equipment all had to squeeze into my closet; luckily it's a walk in.  haha  For the outfit footage, we shot at popular spots around my hometown, including the "Art for All" mural downtown, Courthouse Square, and Watson Lake.  Below are some behind the scenes photos.  Enjoy!   Xoxo, Shelly

Look #3:  Girly Boho

Look #2:  Rocker Boho

Look #1:  Southwest Boho
Sweater by Double Zero
Backpack from Venice Beach



  1. Sounds fun, hope you had a great time!
    Lovely outfits, especially that first one :)
    Love that fringe bag from 2nd outfit and sweater from the 3rd outfit

  2. Love the second look. That sweater is amazing.

    Eea P