January 29, 2015

My Style: Blue Da Ba Dee

H appy Thursday, everyone!  The month is coming to an end, and to finish it fabulously, here is my fourth #CharlotteLook for January.  The ensemble consists of a paisley print, shift dress with lovely crochet detailing on the sleeves, over-the-knee socks, tall boots, and a black hat.  Along with the crochet detailing, the dress has a beautiful cut-out back and shoulder design.  I always love finding unique pieces to add to my wardrobe.  The look is perfect for the warmer weather we have been blessed with lately.  I can't wait till spring is officially here.  BTW, if you're a 90's baby, you will probably be singing the song Blue (Da Ba Dee) in your head for the next hour. . . Sorry.  haha  Hope you all have a wonderful Friday and weekend!  Xoxo, Shelly

Dress, Boots, Hat, & Socks courtesy of Charlotte Russe


  1. Hey, the outfit looks great on you :)
    That dress comes in such a lovely colour, I see that it has pretty patterns on it
    I keep scrolling down and it's floral, which makes the dress more lovely because I love florals!

    I like that crochet design on the arm, I tried leaning how to crochet but I didn't get very far...
    Those boots are gorgeous and love that jewellery too :)

    Once again, a lovely place to take photos
    I can't wait for the spring too!
    I'm a 90s baby but I haven't heard that song before, I'll hear it soon
    Have a wonderful weekend too!


  2. Gorgeous face and pretty dress! Just love the color.

  3. That dress is amazing and you look beautiful in these photos !

    I wish you a fabulous weekend
    With love from London,


  4. These are the kind of fashions that fast-forwards your mind pass of the snow and straight to the middle of "good ole spring:" we're suppose to be getting 6 inches by Monday--but I won't start pouting until Monday officially arrives :) I've always found a "IT Girl" persona to Charlotte Russe's fashion. I love the 5th photo.

    I sent you an email regarding "OOTD & Features." Hope to chat soon!


  5. Beautiful pictures.. Nice work...
    I love so much this...

  6. The necklace and lipstick really make this outfit pop! love it!