July 9, 2015

My Style: Resort Living

ave you wondered what to pack for that perfect, casual resort-day outfit--not too dressy, completely comfortable, but nice enough to pop into a cafĂ© for lunch?  A light denim dress is the solution!  This denim dress from adidas NEO Label is relaxed yet classy.  Add a pair of gorgeous embroidered lace up sandals, round sunnies, a straw boater hat, and some pretty jewelry, and you are ready for a great day of sightseeing.  In these photos, I'm enjoying a couple of days in Flagstaff, Arizona.  I have decided to get my Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Visual Communications from Northern Arizona University (NAU).  NAU was terrific about my transfer units, my academic adviser helped me enroll into my upper division graphic design classes for the fall semester, and I found a lovely apartment.  It has been an amazing week; I started off stressed and not ready for the fall semester and ended with a complete game plan.  Now I just have to start thinking of how to decorate my apartment.  Any suggestions?  I'm thinking colorful, artsy, and bohemian. :) Xoxo, Shelly



  1. It's a great look perfectly in tune with the background
    Il love your blog. Visited mine if you want