July 23, 2015

Off Duty Cool Girl in Sedona

This is an article I wrote as a guest contributor for the Charlotte Russe Blog.  I hope you like it!

I want to start by saying I’m not a guru on all things cool, as proven by my collection of Hello Kitty dolls and having watched every episode of Gilmore Girls. . . twice.  But I have been a stylist for a while now, and I have loved fashion since I could walk.  Along the way, I have picked up a few things about how to look cool.  Recently, I styled two outfits for a getaway weekend in Sedona, Arizona, which is so beautiful with its red rock cliffs, exquisite art boutiques, and fine dining.  Of course, a girl has to look casually fabulous while sightseeing and traveling all around.

For the first outfit, I selected high-waisted, dark blue skinny jeans and a striped crop top, showing just a hint of skin.  One of the pointers about being cool is to come off as laid-back with just a touch of allure.  You know that popular saying of “I woke up like this.”  Such a lie, but some guys love it when we keep that fantasy alive.  So, some form-fitting jeans with a simple striped crop is an excellent combination of on-point trends and comfy chic.  Add delicate jewelry, a handsome black bag, and high-heeled combat boots for a perfect ensemble.  Again, the combat boots with a high heel have the casual, more boyfriend appeal combined with a feminine accent.  The outfit is flattering, with a hint of intrigue, and yet seems effortless--just plain cool.

The second outfit has the element of chic with the distressed, cropped skinny jeans but also the casual, relaxed look with the espadrilles and button-up T.  Adding a great hat and a fringe purse shows you have confidence and a little bohemian attitude.  I totally recommend having fun with accessories. Contrary to what a lot of people think, hats are not just for bloggers.  All girls should express themselves and experiment with accessories from head to toe.

Being cool mostly involves confidence.  Break free from any rules and wear what makes you feel good.  Leave a comment and let me know your style of cool :)  Xoxo,  Shelly


  1. stunning<3 always in love with your style!
    Emma xx - iemmafashion.com

  2. Adore your style! Thanks for the love :)