April 24, 2017

My Style: Noachella

In the spirit of music festival season, I created a playlist on Spotify of my current songs that are on repeat. I'd love to hear your favorite songs in the comments!

Even though I'm not attending a music festival this year (so far), I think this look is perfect for the occasion.  This beautiful patterned tunic from Knitted Belle Boutique is one of my new favorite boho pieces. Another festival closet staple = this SHADESBOX from WearMe Pro! Festivals often last for three days, and each day calls for a different look, so having three different sunnies that are tailored to your preferences, such as style, color, and frame shape, is ideal! If you'd like to learn more about the SHADESBOX subscription service, click here

And if you didn't attend Coachella, do you prefer to call it Noachella (not at all Chella), Nochella, or Fauxchella?! It's difficult to keep all of the I-can't-go or I-don't-want-to-go terms straight haha :) But if you prefer your own comfy bed, air conditioning, no crowds, and listening to music on your computer, then Noachella is for you! As for me, I graduate this May from university and I will actually be able to attend Coachella next year and not worry about final exams and project deadlines. Freedom!!! Well, I will have to take time off work. . . . Oh, the joys of being an adult. Xoxo, Shelly

Tunic courtesy of Knitted Belle Boutique
Sunnies courtesy of WearMe Pro
Choker courtesy of Liza Schwartz
Boots courtesy of Indigo Rd.
Shorts courtesy of Hollister
Backpack courtesy of T-Shirt & Jeans  - SHELLY10 for 10% off




  1. Good pictures and the outfit is very cute, have a good day