August 13, 2017

My Style: Back to Black

& Introducing My Shop

The monsoons have been a blessing here in Arizona yet again. The fields are green and the trees are lush. To make things even more magical, there was a full moon; however, the real magic occurs with the new moon total eclipse which will appear later this month. For the occasion, I thought an all black look would be fitting. I think you can never go wrong with wearing black. However, at Sunday supper, my grandpa did inquire if I was "going Goth" which I reassured him is not the case. lol 

For this look, I wore a beautiful Noa Elle dress that is made of lovely black, embroidered eyelet fabric. Often times, off the shoulders designs fall down or are difficult to wear due to the fear of accidentally flashing someone, but this dress is different. I got the Blair Dress in a size small and the strapless design is comfortable to wear and didn't slip down at all. 

Next, I wore gorgeous lace-up Cassie Sandals from Fergie Footwear. Not only are the sandals so cool and edgy looking, but they also have wonderful padding on the bottom and a convenient zipper on the back. I have had lace-up sandals that don't feature a zipper, and I've noticed they tend to be less comfortable and more time consuming. Also, these sandals run true to size. I ordered 6.5 which is my norm, and they fit perfectly. I truly recommend these shoes!

For accessorizing, I wore a stunning double-buckle belt and incredible squash blossom necklace. This belt is one of my favorite belts I own. Due to the price, I resisted it for over a year (I'm not exaggerating). I finally bit the bullet when I interned last summer in LA, and lots of the employees owned the belt, or variations of it, which they wore around the office. I am so glad that I got it! I constantly get compliments on it, and it adds such a chic, boho finishing touch to an outfit. The necklace reminds me of my grandma and her love of Native American jewelry. She has such an amazing collection which inspired me to start my own. I think squash blossom necklaces are intricate and unique, especially the ones with the combination of silver metal with black stones. Hope you find this look inspiring. . . and non Goth haha.

Also, I have some exciting news, I recently added a Shop tab! You can shop my latest looks and subscribe to my storefront. By subscribing, you will stay up-to-date on recently added items, shop my personal closet, and get notified when something you like goes on sale. Check it out and let me know what you think! Xoxo, Shelly


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