August 2, 2017

Arizona Girl x Lovestitch

Lovestitch, a boho chic clothing design and manufacturing company, has a perfect mix of bohemian beauty, exquisite design, quality materials, and reasonable pricing. I'd been following the company's Instagram and adoring their aesthetics for a long time when they contacted me to showcase any items of my choice. I was thrilled to select these two gorgeous maxi dresses and this soft, versatile hoodie. For summer and transitioning into fall, these lovely pieces are perfect. The company's vision is the following: "Passion, inspiration, beauty, femininity, culture, and love are infused into the design of every garment. Inspired by vintage styles, the beach and eternal sunshine, Lovestitch is for women who want effortless chic fashion."

In addition to loving beautiful fashions, I am really enjoying northern Arizona this summer. From the locations above, you can tell we have some lovely lakes and forests. Don't hesitate to ask me for places to visit if you're headed to AZ. Xoxo, Shelly

Black maxi dress, pink maxi dress, & sweatshirt courtesy of Lovestitch

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  1. Wow you always look so amazing! :)