October 22, 2017

My Style: Velvet Fields

Velvet is definitely one of my loves this fall. Talk about soft and cozy perfection. Another trend that I’ve enjoyed is the step-hem jeans. If you don’t have a pair yet, you might try these Cello jeans--just enough stretch to make them totally comfy. Until now, I’d never owned a pair of Reef boots, and they are quality made with great arch support and waterproof leather.

In addition to wearing the cute outfit shown above, I was asked to try the Upbra Miraculous Stay-Up Strapless Bra product, which I’m wearing in these photos. I tried two different sizes and determined that my normal size bra size was best. However, the strapless did not give me enough support. Once I added the straps, it’s great, but I couldn’t get the product to work perfectly for me without straps. I feel like I’m between an A and B in their product lineup. But with the straps, this is a quality product with plenty of lift. It adds two cups sizes in appearance. The bra also allows you to be in control of the push-up effect. It’s a unique design, and if you’re looking for a miracle push up bra, I recommend it. Use code WB-10D-10 to save $10 off UpBra. I’d love to hear about your favorite fall trends. Xoxo, Shelly


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