October 25, 2017

Beauty: BioClarity Review

No matter if you are attending prom night or a casual girls night out for pizza, acne can really affect your confidence. I have struggled with acne since my early teens. I have tried numerous store bought and online brands. I have sensitive, combination skin, so the results would normally be red, dry, flaky skin. I went to a dermatologist in high school who prescribed an oral antibiotic and face gel prescription. The two products worked along with a store-bought face wash, but the prescriptions were expensive and I had to go into the doctor’s office to get the prescription refilled every few months. It wasn’t an ideal, long term solution.

When BioClarity reached out to me to try their Clear Skin System, I was excited. I had read great reviews on the brand and was curious if it would work on my skin. It contains natural ingredients and not only combats breakouts, but also heals your skin. In order to give my honest opinion and see the true results, I have been using BioClarity for three months now.

My first impression of BioClarity was the quality packaging and easy to follow instructions. The system comes with a small pamphlet that explains which order the products are to be used in and the items themselves have the number on them. The first step is the Cleanse, which they recommend you use about a nickel-sized dab. The Cleanse contains cucumber to soothe and calm skin, green tea to clean and detoxify, and chamomile to clean and soothe. It’s very refreshing, suds up nicely, and easily washes off with water. Step two is Treatment which contains 2% salicylic acid to fight acne and oat kernel to naturally moisturize. Be careful to use a small amount and only on the trouble areas. This step can cause dryness if overused. Step 3 is Restore which contains Floralux to reduce redness and irritation and licorice root to cool and calm.

The fourth step, Hydrate, is optional and sold separately. They call Hydrate a skin smoothie, because it contains argan, olive, floralux, jojoba, chamomile, shea, licorice root, and ceramides. I did the system without Hydrate for the first two months. The third month I tried Hydrate and I really like it. I just wish the price was lower. I like how it makes my skin feel and helps my skin stay clear and moisturized.

My skin responded to the BioClarity Clear Skin System positively. I saw an improvement in skin texture and toning. I don’t see a difference in the size or appearance of my pores. My breakouts are under control as long as I use it once a day. The first month and a half, I washed my face morning and night. I did experience some of the micro blemishes (small bumps caused by the medication extracting blemishes that were underneath the skin.) To get a deeper cleanse, I have been using a facial brush with the Cleanse that has helps slough off dead skin. For the second month and a half I have been washing with BioClarity just at night and my skin is doing great.

Overall, my skin loves BioClarity. It doesn’t dry out my skin like other products I’ve tried. My skin feels soft and clean after use, so I genuinely look forward to washing my face. After my supply that the company provided me for free ran out, I started purchasing the Clear Skin System. That’s how much I like it. I plan to continue using it. :)

You might want to check out the BioClarity website. One page on the site in particular is informative about the causes of acne. I hope you found this post informative. I’d love to hear how you keep your skin healthy in the comments below. Xoxo, Shelly

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This post is sponsored by BioClarity but all opinions are my own. 

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